Monthly Archives: March 2016

Should I Get a Puppy or Have a Baby? (The Answer is Here.)

It’s a silly question, but I think it’s one that many couples debate. Even if the question itself is never explicitly asked out loud, it’s a real consideration for a lot of couples. And it isn’t always “puppy or baby,” but more often: “Which one should come first?” If you want a dog and want a baby, chances are you will …

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Why You Shouldn’t Save for College (…or should you?)

Most expenses that we incur for our children are absolutely necessary. Food? Check. Clothes? Check. Housing? Check. Diapers? Debatable… Okay, fine, they’re necessary too. But there’s one thing you’ll find on many parents’ lists that isn’t quite as critical: saving for a college education. Conventional parenting advice would tell you that saving for a college education is a prudent decision that you’d …

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Should I Find Out the Gender of My Baby? (And Why or Why Not?)

As you probably already know, a pregnant woman can find out the gender of her baby via ultrasound between 16 and 20 weeks into the pregnancy. This tends to bring up the debate of: Should I find out the gender of my baby? This really isn’t a life or death decision by any means.   It’s a personal preference.   …

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