Weight Loss

12 Simple Hacks for How to Lose Baby Weight Fast as a New Parent

Let me start this post by first clarifying the title: there’s a reason it’s about losing baby weight “as a new parent” instead of just “as a mom.” Believe me, the baby weight doesn’t only apply to mom. ¬† Sure, moms will naturally have more weight after carrying a child – that’s just biology. But what it doesn’t factor in …

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How to Make Money Losing Your Pregnancy Weight – WHAT??!

I’ve started getting more and more into the concept of “side hustles” lately. ¬†Basically, these are ways to make money outside of your normal duties (whether you work a “normal” job or are a stay-at-home parent, which is of course a full time job in and of itself). One thing I’ve actually done before and fits perfectly with the goal …

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