Should I Start a 529 (College Savings) Plan for My Child?

As a parent, one of the hot topics in personal finance that you’ll often see discussed is saving for your child’s college education. While some parents prefer to save their child’s college fund in a glass jar or underneath their mattress, there are certainly a lot of better options out there: one of which is a 529 Plan. (Whether or …

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Why You Shouldn’t Save for College (…or should you?)

Most expenses that we incur for our children are absolutely necessary. Food? Check. Clothes? Check. Housing? Check. Diapers? Debatable… Okay, fine, they’re necessary too. But there’s one thing you’ll find on many parents’ lists that isn’t quite as critical: saving for a college education. Conventional parenting advice would tell you that saving for a college education is a prudent decision that you’d …

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