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How to Make Money Losing Your Pregnancy Weight – WHAT??!

I’ve started getting more and more into the concept of “side hustles” lately.  Basically, these are ways to make money outside of your normal duties (whether you work a “normal” job or are a stay-at-home parent, which is of course a full time job in and of itself). One thing I’ve actually done before and fits perfectly with the goal …

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From $0 to $100K – April 2017 Update (Working Parent Side Hustle Challenge)

In case you missed it, last month we kicked off a challenge where we’re attempting to find a way to earn $100k+ per year (or $8,333/month) purely from side hustles. It’s an ambitious goal, and it’s going to take us quite awhile to get there, but we’re going to document it all right here. While the initial goal would just be to make …

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From $0 to $100K: The Working Parent Side Hustle Challenge

We’re both working parents.  And while I feel like money isn’t too much of an issue (i.e. we can afford what we need), we still live on a budget. Before having our daughter, life was pretty easy from a financial standpoint.  Without any real obligations (aside from a mortgage and student loans), we were free to spend as we needed, within …

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