12 Simple Hacks for How to Lose Baby Weight Fast as a New Parent

Let me start this post by first clarifying the title: there’s a reason it’s about losing baby weight “as a new parent” instead of just “as a mom.”

Believe me, the baby weight doesn’t only apply to mom.  

Sure, moms will naturally have more weight after carrying a child – that’s just biology.

But what it doesn’t factor in are the first few weeks or months where both mom and dad are sleep deprived.  And in many cases, being sleep deprived leads to less exercise and consumption of food that’s probably not good for you.

So this is a post for mom AND dad. 🙂

And I know that not all dads will gain weight during their partner’s pregnancy, but many do. (It’s what some refer to as ‘sympathy weight gain.’)

In fact, a British research firm found that fathers gain, on average, 14 pounds during their spouse’s pregnancy.

So now that we got that out of the way, let’s move onto how to lose baby weight fast as a new parent – we’ve got a few hacks that you’re probably going to find useful.

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Peanut Chicken Stuffed Green Peppers [Recipe] – Delicious and Low Carb

Mmm…peanuts.  If there were a way to work it into every meal, I would.

Fortunately, peanuts (in moderation) work with the low carb diet I’m on as I attempt to make money by losing weight.

Stuffed green peppers are a classic dinner entree, and you really have a lot of options (as far as what you can stuff them with).  This particular recipe has a fairly simple list of ingredients, but the flavor comes out relatively complex.

Without further ado, let’s get to it.

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Best Diaper Wipes for Sensitive Skin 2017 (your baby will thank you)

Diaper wipes are one of those things where I would have thought (before having a child) that you can just buy any kind and they’ll be fine.

They’re just wipes, after all.

Having been through a variety of brands and types, I can say with certainty that the type of wipes matter, a lot.

Without getting too graphic (in case you’re eating while reading this), I’ll just say that the smoother and softer wipes tend to be a lot more gentle, especially when you really need to do a lot of wiping.

It becomes even more important when your baby has sensitive skin.  So what are the best diaper wipes for sensitive skin? 

I’ll explain.

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Baby Naps Too Long: Is That Even Possible?

It doesn’t take long before new parents understand that naps are the key to a lot of issues. They help your baby sleep better at night and they give you breaks during the day (or allow you to nap too).  But what if a baby naps too long?

Or, is it even possible that a baby naps too long? 

It seems like an odd thing to complain about, especially when it takes you a long time to put your baby down for a nap.

But, it’s a valid concern that some parents have, especially when a baby is still a newborn.

Let’s explore this topic in more detail.

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Refreshing Mango Avocado Chicken Lettuce Wraps (with Peanuts) Recipe

It’s time for another healthy recipe that probably tastes too good to be healthy.  But I promise, it is.

We’re continuing along our journey of healthy recipes in an effort to lose weight AND get paid for it (which we wrote all about here).

This delectable dish works well as either an appetizer or main course.  It’s sweet and savory, with a refreshing flavor that also leaves you feeling like you ate a real meal.   Because we’re using lettuce instead of tortilla or rice, you will probably find yourself extremely satisfied without the full “I’m going to sleep now” feeling.

The crunch of the lettuce and peanuts adds a nice texture that allows you to really appreciate the soft, sweet chunks of mango.

Writing this makes me want to close my laptop and make it again!

Let’s get to the recipe…

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From $0 to $100K – May 2017 Update (Working Parent Side Hustle Challenge)

With another month in the books, I can’t believe it’s already time to write the second update in this series.

May was a very solid month in my opinion.

I think we accomplished many of our goals, and we saw a nice uptick in traffic and income. Still nothing mind blowing, but it was enough to help us see that we’re on the right track.

It’s worth noting that, in the last week of May, we both took a week off from work (both our real jobs and our side hustles), so the fact that we were able to (mostly) stick with our goals for the month was nice to see.

Anyway, let’s get to the May update.

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Best Baby Carrier for Summer 2017 – Which Should I Get?

There’s a period of time after your baby is born where you feel like your hands are always tied (unless the baby is napping).

I know we felt that way while our daughter was only a few months old.

It’s hard to move around the house (or out of the house) when you’re either holding a baby in your arms or pushing a stroller.  The funny thing was, we got a baby carrier at our baby shower and it took us a few months before we realized that this thing was the answer to most of our problems.

As soon as we started using it, it was huge weight off our shoulders (figuratively, that is; literally, it added weight to our shoulders).

It was great during the cooler months, but now that the weather’s heating up, we’re trying to figure out if this is really the best baby carrier for summer.  

The one we have (I’ll explain more below) is amazing quality, but it’s heavy and you heat up quickly when wearing it.

Anyway, let’s take a look at what’s out there and decide on which is the best baby career for summer.

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Copycat Chipotle Fajita Chicken Burrito Bowl [Recipe]

So, we’re kind of on a diet now.  And, as I mentioned in a previous post, we’re getting paid to lose weight.

Our primary strategy is to eat low carb meals, so we’re on a mission to find low carb meals that taste good – and perhaps, come up with some of our own.

It’s generally not a good idea to eat fast food when you’re on a diet, especially if it’s a low carb diet like the one we’re on.

The one fast food item we have been able to eat is the burrito bowl from Chipotle, without rice of course.  (This is actually a recommendation from Tim Ferris in The 4-Hour Body.)

In an effort to not eat out too often, I thought it would be fun to try and replicate this meal myself.  I made this dish exactly the way I order it from Chipotle, and I think it came out remarkably close to the real thing.

You can try it too and see what you think.

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How to Make Money Losing Your Pregnancy Weight – WHAT??!

I’ve started getting more and more into the concept of “side hustles” lately.  Basically, these are ways to make money outside of your normal duties (whether you work a “normal” job or are a stay-at-home parent, which is of course a full time job in and of itself).

One thing I’ve actually done before and fits perfectly with the goal of making some extra money on the side is this idea of how to make money losing weight.

Although not necessarily intended for this, it’s perfect for moms who are looking to lose the pregnancy weight after they’ve had a child.  Or, maybe you already had a great plan to lose the weight, so why not make some money doing it?

I’ve got a plan to lose some weight over the next several months (looking to lose around 20 lbs), so I’m definitely going to be doing this to make some extra money.

Let’s get into all the details…

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7 Incredible Date Night Meals to Make at Home

Date night is one of those special times that doesn’t seem to come often enough.  Some couples are really good about doing it on a regular basis, but for many, it’s a special occasion.

As your kids get older, I think it becomes a lot easier to find time to get away.  If you have an infant or toddler (like we do), however, it can be a challenge.

But having an awesome date night doesn’t mean you need to leave the house.

Sometimes it’s a lot more romantic, relaxing, and satisfying to stay in and cook dinner together.

So, we’ve tracked down 7 incredible recipes that make for great date night meals.  These are perfect for when you’ve dropped the kids off at their grandparents’ house, but you want to stay in for the night.


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From $0 to $100K – April 2017 Update (Working Parent Side Hustle Challenge)

In case you missed it, last month we kicked off a challenge where we’re attempting to find a way to earn $100k+ per year (or $8,333/month) purely from side hustles.

It’s an ambitious goal, and it’s going to take us quite awhile to get there, but we’re going to document it all right here.

While the initial goal would just be to make some extra money on the side to fund our expenses and build savings at a faster rate, the ultimate goal will be for one of us to quit our day jobs.

Every month, starting with April, we’re going to provide an update about everything that’s going on.  How we’re doing on blog traffic, social media, and other side hustles to complement income from the blog.

Our primary goal with these updates is to hold ourselves accountable to making progress. However, we also hope that it inspires other people to follow along and do something similar.

Lofty goals like these always work better when you know you’re in it with other people. 🙂

Anyway, let’s see what happened in April.

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Best Diaper Disposal System in 2017 (this one won’t stink)

As a new parent, one of the things you become really aware of before your baby is born is the concept of diapers.

Buying them.

Changing them frequently.

People would lead you to believe that your world revolves around it. And in some ways, they’re not wrong (at least, for the first couple months of your baby’s life).

As you get ready for a baby (and prepare your baby registry), one of the things you tend to look at is the diaper disposal system. (Also known as a “diaper pail.”)

But which is the best diaper disposal system?

There’s some debate on which is best, and in fact, some people claim you don’t need one at all.

In this post, we’ll dive into all the specifics about whether you need one, why you might want one, and what we think is the best diaper disposal system you can buy.

Let’s go.

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9 Amazing Slow Cooker Meals that will Blow Your Mind

I love slow cooker meals.  There’s something so comforting about setting it up and letting it run for however many hours while the smell fills your house (and I mean this in a good way).

While they’re generally not good when you want to make something you can eat right now, they’re usually really easy to prep.  And you can let it cook while you’re at work, taking care of the kids, whatever.

For some reason, slow cooker meals tend to make for the best leftovers.  And of course, good leftovers = not having to cook or worry about dinner the next day. Win win.

In the past when I’ve used my slow cooker (this is the one I have, but any will do) I’ve always seemed to focus on soups and chili.

But little did I know, there exists an entire world of slow cooker meals that range from BBQ ribs to pizza (yes, both of these are real and you will find them in this post).  Things that I never thought you could make with a slow cooker.

So, I set out to find slow cooker recipes that go beyond the boring pot of chili – and don’t get me wrong, I love chili.

But these recipes will take your slow cooker to the next level.

Let’s check ’em out…

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32 Fun Activities for 1-Year Olds (You’ll Never Run Out of Things to Do)

While it doesn’t always take much, continuing to find fun activities for 1-year olds can sometimes be a chore.

If you don’t provide them with enough stimulation, they can get cranky. And if your little one is mobile already, he or she can get into trouble as well.

Keeping them occupied with fun activities is key.  And it’s not only so they don’t get bored and don’t bother you.

It’s to help them with their brain and motor development too.  If you keep giving them the same activity over and over, you may not be exposing them to as many development opportunities as you would be if you mixed it up periodically.

To help you with this ongoing issue, we did a bunch of research and came up with a ton of fun activities for 1-year olds.

I promise, if you follow this list, you’ll never run out of things to do with your little one.

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Parents with Different Religions: What Should You Do?

In today’s world, it’s becoming increasingly common to find parents who are of a different religion (or at least, were raised with different religious beliefs). It’s not surprising, as this melting pot of a society grows larger and larger.

It’s something both of us have dealt with – not only do we have different ethnic backgrounds (one of us is Caucasian, one is Filipino), but we have different religions as well.

Fortunately for us, neither one of us is overly religious, so it was easy to come together with those differences. For others, especially those who may be more devout, different religious can certainly be a challenge in a relationship.

But what about when you add kids to the equation?

It goes without saying: kids make everything more complicated.

Religion is no different, but in some ways, it’s more complex because there is no “right answer.” If each parent has a completely separate religion, you can’t easily create your own hybrid religion. I mean, you can, but that’s probably the most complicated solution.

So, what are your options?

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