About Us

Hi! Welcome to Cynical Parent.

Thanks for your interest in getting to know us! In short, we’re just a couple of parents who are learning as we go, and sharing what works (and doesn’t).

We started this blog to document our journey through parenthood, beginning with the initial pregnancy and ending with…well, we’ll see. We don’t claim to be experts of any sort, but I can promise you that we are thoughtful, methodical, and cynical people.

And if you do meet a parent who claims to be an expert at parenting, be very skeptical of what they have to say. 🙂

What’s a “cynical parent?”

A cynical parent is one who doesn’t believe something just because someone said it or wrote it. There’s so much misinformation in the world (especially on the internet), and even so-called “experts” disagree on some very basic ideas and principles. Many have an agenda that they’re pushing, self-serving or not. All of that nonsense can and does cloud the facts.

Our basic assumption is that people generally don’t know what they’re talking about until they prove otherwise. It’s a sad way to go through life, I’ll admit, but it keeps us on our toes and forces us to get to the truth (or as close to it as we can get).

Parenthood is one of those adventures that has lots of paths – lots of twists and turns with many decision points. It’s like one of those “choose your own adventure” books from 20 years ago, except that it’s 6 million pages long and can literally mean life or death in some cases. (Do they still have those books?)

So, what better way to tackle parenthood than with a sprinkling of cynicism (or perhaps a giant vat full) and a blog to document everything along the way? Hopefully someone out there can benefit from both our findings and mistakes (and I can guarantee there will be plenty).

There’s no topic we won’t touch – everything from poopy diapers (and where to get the best prices on them) to discussing whether or not parents should save for their children’s college education. This is the kind of stuff we all have to deal with when it comes to raising children (and sadly, some parents choose to simply not deal with it at all).

You don’t have to agree with everything we write; in fact, we hope you’re just as critical as we are and share your criticism with us in the comments of each blog post. We’re always up for a good discussion (or debate).

Whether you’re currently a parent, parent-to-be, or hopeful that you’ll be one someday, we think you’ll find something useful and interesting here.

And if you want to drop us a line, you can do so here.  Thanks!