11 Genius Baby Closet Ideas to Make the Nursery Look Super Organized

Babies are tiny humans who often come with a lot of stuff. Finding a way to store and organize all the stuff can be overwhelming. Here are 11 genius baby closet ideas to help you store it all and make your nursery look super organized!

One of the most important things to consider when setting up a nursery space for your new baby is where and how you’re going to store all their stuff (and babies tend to come with a LOT of stuff).

We searched the web and found some genius baby closet ideas that will make your life easier and will make your baby nursery super organized.

When you bring your baby home, your heart is going to swell. But, it may seem like your home shrinks. Why? Well, babies need a whole lot of stuff. During the first year, they grow so much! Between the massive diaper blowouts and the constant growth spurts, your baby is going to require tons of clothes.

In addition to all the different clothes you have for the baby, such as onesies, your baby will also accumulate massive amounts of cute teensy tiny socks, shoes, hats, and so on.

But, that’s not all!

There are also all the baby blankets, bibs, and diaper supplies to fill your closet.

Given the massive amount of stuff you have for your baby, organization will become a key to surviving that first year. Organizing your baby’s closet will save you quite a bit of time – and headaches!

By using a closet organization system, you will always know where things are when you need them – after the diaper accident happens or the clothes are outgrown.

Let’s take a peek at some of the genius baby closet ideas we found, and hopefully you’ll see one that will work for you!

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Baby Closet Ideas #1: Bookcase Closet

baby closet ideas - bookcase closet
Source: Project Nursery

For those babies with smaller nursery spaces or babies sharing rooms, I love this idea of redoing a bookcase.

Using a traditional bookcase, you can easily rearrange the shelves and add hanging rods and baskets to organize all of baby’s things. This is the perfect nursery organization solution for those without a traditional closet.

Plus, without doors, it makes easy to find what you need.

Baby Closet Ideas #2: Diaper Changing Table Closet

baby closet ideas - Diaper Changing Table Closet
Source: Futurist Architecture

Rather than having both a dresser, a diaper changing table, and a closet, why not combine all three?

Some parents are saving space by using the top of the dresser as a diaper changing station. And some take this a step further by placing the dresser/diaper changing table inside of the closet.

This will help you organize the nursery because everything you need for diaper changes and dressing your baby will be located in the same space.

Baby Closet Ideas #3: Simple Hanging Closet Storage

baby closet ideas - Simple Hanging Closet Storage
Source: Table and Hearth

Since baby items are small, it is helpful to organize them within baskets.

If your closet does not have shelves for baskets, Table and Hearth has provided easy instructions for these awesome hanging storage crates. This will also save space by linking the crates and keeping them in one section of the closet.

Baby Closet Ideas #4: Using the Closet Doors for Storage

baby closet ideas - Using the Closet Doors for Storage
Source: Home Edit

Too often parents neglect to see the closet doors as anything other than a way to hide what is inside. Instead, you should take advantage of the doors as a means for organizing additional baby items.

In addition to over the door organizers, you can also use this model from Home Edit. They have used baskets and a rod (with tracks) to organize additional baby supplies.

Baby Closet Ideas #5: No Door Closet

baby closet ideas - No Door Closet
Source: House of Jade Interiors

So, above, I just told you to utilize those closet doors, but I’m going to contradict myself.

Depending on your space and your style, you may want to go in the opposite direction like these parents and get rid of the closet doors.

Not only is this a stylish nursery closet, but it also gives the nursery a little extra space.

Baby Closet Ideas #6: Closet Organized by Size

baby closet ideas - Closet Organized by Size
Source: Home Edit

The key to organizing baby clothes is to organize them according to size.

If you do not have your little one’s clothes organized according to size, you are going to go a little crazy when you are rushing around looking for something he can wear that actually fits. Therefore, when it comes to organizing baby’s closet, you should use some sizing labels.

You can find these all over Pinterest and Etsy – or you can make your own!

Baby Closet Ideas #7: Clear Drawer Storage System

baby closet ideas - Clear Drawer Storage System
Source: The Container Store

Many parents find it helpful to organize the baby nursery closet by using clear (or see-through) storage options.

I love this closet model from The Container Store. Parents can see everything inside the drawers and in the buckets. The door buckets hold items that are clearly visible, while the clothes that baby is currently wearing are hanging with the extras in clear storage container drawers.

Baby Closet Ideas #8: Basket Closet Storage

baby closet ideas - Basket Closet Storage
Source: 12 Oaks

On the other side, some parents use a variety of baskets to organize their baby stuff.

While baskets are not clear, there are plenty of labeling options to help you organize items and find them quickly when you need them. For instance, I love how this family uses baskets with labels to organize the nursery closet.

Baby Closet Ideas #9: Laundry Basket Closet Storage Solution

baby closet ideas - Laundry Basket Closet Storage Solution
Source: Around the Farmhouse Table

Babies go through clothes quickly (spitting up, diaper incidents, and drooling, for example). So, it makes sense to include a means to organize both your clean laundry and your dirty laundry.

This is why I love how Around the Farmhouse includes laundry baskets in her nursery closet! Plus, the baskets are easy to remove and replace when it is time to do laundry.

Baby Closet Ideas #10: Traditional Closet with a Bookshelf

baby closet ideas - Traditional Closet with a Bookshelf
Source: Two Twenty One

Many closets just have a hanging rod. Since baby clothes do not hang far, you should make the most of the extra bottom space of the closet. By placing a short bookshelf inside your closet, you can organize the nursery easily.

This mom placed a standard bookshelf inside her closet to help her organize other baby things. While clothes are stored using the hanging rod, the bookshelf (with dividers) at the bottom provides room for other baby essentials and extras.

Baby Closet Ideas #11: Four Section Closet

baby closet ideas - Four Section Closet
Source: Kidsomania

If you have amassed a collection of baby clothes with varying sizes for different seasons or unique purposes, then a four-section closet is a great way to organize the baby closet.

By dividing the closet into four sections, you can organize the clothes according to your needs. Additionally, in order to make four hanging sections, you will need to include a small middle divider that can be used for more storage.

Which Baby Closet is Best for YOU?!?

Each nursery setup is different, but hopefully one of these baby closet ideas will work for your space and your needs.

Which one have you implemented in your home? Let’s discuss in the comments below!

Babies are tiny humans who often come with a lot of stuff. Finding a way to store and organize all the stuff can be overwhelming. Here are 11 genius baby closet ideas to help you store it all and make your nursery look super organized! Babies are tiny humans who often come with a lot of stuff. Finding a way to store and organize all the stuff can be overwhelming. Here are 11 genius baby closet ideas to help you store it all and make your nursery look super organized!

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