13 Super Cute Baby Farm Animal Nursery Ideas

Planning for a baby’s nursery is one of the most enjoyable parts of preparing for a newborn.  There are literally unlimited options! 

Today, we’re going to focus on baby farm animal nursery ideas.  You know, like cows, pigs, chickens, etc.

Although we are going to show you some great examples of nurseries, we’re going to focus on the actual stuff you can buy (like signs and pictures).  

As with any nursery theme or design ideas, don’t feel like you have to copy exactly what you see on the internet.  Look at different pieces and take what you like (and ignore the things you don’t like).  I promise, whatever you come up with is going to look cute.

Without further ado, let’s take a look at some of these farm animal nursery ideas!

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13 Super Cute Baby Farm Animal Nursery Ideas

#1 Modern Neutral Farm Themed Nursery

We’re going to kick it off this post with a full nursery theme, just to get you thinking about possible options.

This design is very neutral – very clean and modern with lots of grays and other neutral colors.

Source of above nursery: Alphadorable

#2 Baby Farm Animal Nursery Prints

Not only are these baby animals adorable, but they have nice inspirational messages on each one.

As far as baby farm animal nursery ideas go, this would be one of the things I’d definitely want.

Source: Click here to see these prints.

#3 Farmhouse-Style Rustic Letter Board

In case you can’t find any signs that say what you want them to say, make your own with this letter board! 

This rustic farmhouse style fits well with a baby farm animal theme, and you can customize it to say whatever you want.

Source: Click here to see this on Amazon.

#4 More Baby Farm Animal Nursery Prints

Here’s another great example if you’re looking for baby farm animal nursery ideas.

The link below is just for the prints, but you can see another interesting and visually pleasing design that is very wood-focused.

Source: Click here to see these prints.

#5 Baby Farm Animal Water Color Prints

These are water color-style prints that can actually be downloaded and printed right away.  

Perfect for a baby girl’s room!

Source: Click here to see these prints.

#6 Personalized Farm Animal Puzzle

This is more than a design prop – it’s an actual puzzle, customized with your child’s name.

From a design perspective, this would look great on a shelf or on the floor next to a toy box.

Source: Click here to see the puzzle.

#7 Foldable Canvas Animal Toy Storage Box

If your nursery design needs containers, this one is great for a farm animal theme!

Source: Click here to see this on Amazon.

#8 Farm Animal Print Fitted Crib Sheet

It wouldn’t be a farm animal theme without a “fitting” crib sheet! 

This sheet has a pattern that shows little farm animals and other farm related items.

Source: Click here to see this on Amazon.

#9 Barnyard Crib Bedding Set (10-piece!)

If you’re not feeling too creative and just want to buy a set, this may be what you need.

This is a full set that includes: a quilt, bumper, fitted sheet, bed skirt, 2 window valances, toy bag, diaper stacker, decorative pillow and a matching musical mobile.

Source: Click here to see this on Amazon.

#10 The Farm Animal Table Lamp

Here’s a nice table lamp that fits the farm animal theme!

Source: Click here to see this lamp.

#11 Personalized Farm Animal Crib Sheets

This is a really cool way to personalize your baby farm animal nursery. 

Not only do you have some cute farm animals, but you can put your little one’s name right on the sheets!

Source: Click here to see these personalized sheets.

#12 Love You ‘Til the Cows Come Home

No nursery would be complete without a sign like this. This one fits the baby farm animal nursery theme perfectly!

Source: Click here to get this sign.

#13 Handmade Felt Crib Farm Animal Mobile

The handmade mobile has two chickens, one cow, one pig, 5 clouds, 10 stars, and 15 felt pom poms. You can customize the color as well! 

Source: Click here to see this mobile.

That’s it for our baby farm animal nursery ideas!

Hopefully you got some good inspiration here if this is the type of nursery you’re setting up for your little baby boy or girl.

If the farm animal theme isn’t for you, here are some other nursery themes we’ve covered:

What are you doing for your baby’s nursery? Leave a comment below!

If you're getting ready to decorate a nursery, here are some really cute baby farm animal nursery ideas. Check them out!

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