Best Airplane Toys for 2 Year Old: How to Keep them Busy and Quiet on a Long Flight

There are few things more intimidating than traveling with small children.

Flying is especially difficult because it is the perfect storm of luggage, car seats, and several hours in a confined space with an overstimulated child. As a mom, I am not afraid to whip out a favorite television show, cell phone game or DVD when I am really desperate, but that doesn’t always work when your child is already overstimulated.

I also know that these are less effective if they are my first go to, so when we are traveling, I try to find creative ways to entertain my son in ways that keep his mind (and those quick little hands) busy!

Based on my experience with traveling, I’ve put together a list of toys, bound to take the woes out of traveling with your 2-year-old. This list of the best airplane toys for 2 year old kids is sure to take the stress out of a long flight by keeping your little one entertained and happy!

Best Airplane Toys for 2 Year Old: How to Keep them Busy and Quiet on a Long Flight

#1) Find it Games – The Original Hidden Object Search Adventure

This game is one of my personal favorites!

It has such a wide age-range for play and although the label reads as recommended for 6 and older, small kids LOVE this thing! The aim is to seek and find the small objects hidden inside the cylinder.  (Note: If your two year old child is going to play with this, obviously do it under your supervision. The small objects stay in the closed container, so there isn’t much risk of choking, but it’s still something to watch out for.)

You can shake, spin, twist and move the cylinder to find all the different small pieces all while being quiet, which is perfect for an airplane! My favorite part of this toy is that it is available in so many different themes.

The one my son really enjoys playing with is the Wildlife version. He loves animals and knows many of the animal noises, so he loves searching for the ones he knows and then making noises like that particular animal.

However, Amazon has so many themes available you can literally find just about anything to fit your child’s particular interests. This cylinder-shaped toy is great for fitting in a carry on bag and all the pieces are plastic so no issues there.

It is also very quiet and there are lots of ways to keep this interesting. All those factors together make this one of the best airplane friendly toys for your two-year-old!

Click here to read more about Find it Games.

#2) Magnetic Fun – Mickey Mouse Magnetic Zoo

I am excited to share this toy because it is another particular favorite of mine for traveling with my 2-year-old son. He has so many of these magnetic tins now! This one is one of his favorites because it features his favorite, Mickey Mouse.

These magnetic tins are so classic and simple in design, but they really do hold a little one’s attention. My son loves to point out all the characters and animals, and play little games with the magnetic pieces.

They are inexpensive and quiet which is great for a long flight and they are small enough to pack in a carry-on bag without causing space problems.

Click here to read more about the Mickey Mouse Magnetic Zoo.

#3) Fidget Toy Cube

My next suggested airplane toy for your 2-year-old is rather unconventional.

Many of us parents are familiar with fidget spinners and the cautions regarding choking hazards for small children. However, fidget DICE are actually a great way to get the same entertainment in safer way.

My son has one of these fidget cubes and it really is a great way for him to be engaged in a quiet way. This is a great airplane toy because it is quiet and compact. I love that there are 12 sides to this toy, all with a little something to different to offer.

My son loves pushing the buttons and switching the switches. It’s honestly such a life saver when I need him to be entertained for a little while so this is on my packing list for our next flight!

Click here to read more about the Fidget Toy Cube.

#4) iKidsislands Erasable Imaginarium Color Magnetic Drawing Board

If your child likes to draw colors, markers and coloring books can be a great way to keep little ones entertained.

However, many parents (including me) may be hesitant to take crayons or markers on an airplane where there is the potential for doodling on walls, seats or food trays. On the topic of toys in particular, I like this travel magnetic drawing board as a great airplane toy for your 2-year-old.

The advantages to the magnetic drawing board is that it is erasable, light weight, and small enough for traveling.

It has multiple colors for added interest and also comes with magnetic stamps that my son really likes to use. Something of note, however: the magnetic stamps are not tethered, so I end up putting these in a small plastic bag when we are traveling to prevent loss.

The magnetic pen is a fun giraffe shape and is tethered, so that is a bonus. I think it’s really the erasable/reusable nature of this toy that makes it one of my favorite airplane toys for 2 year old kids.

Click here to read more about the iKidsislands Erasable Color Magnetic Drawing Board.

#5) Quiet Book By Curious Columbus

Quiet books are a great way to keep toddlers entertained and engaged for longer periods of time.

I like that this is another light-weight toy that is easy to travel with, making it a great choice for airplanes with toddlers. I like that this particular quiet book has so many pages and educational features to boot!

This book has pages about tying shoes, playing with the clock, counting, buttons and more! This is a great little book for keeping my 2-year-old entertained and I highly recommend it as a toy for travel, particularly for long flights.

Click here to read more about the Quiet Book.

Now you’re ready for a long flight!

Okay, so maybe you never actually feel ready for a long flight with a 2-year-old, but hopefully you found this list of best airplane toys for 2 year old kids to be helpful.  For long flights, or really, any kind of travel, having toys like these at your disposal is essential.

(Also if you’re traveling with little ones, you may want to see our posts about diaper bags for air travel and best travel cribs.)

There are really so many creative options for entertainment when traveling with a toddler, however these are great options for keeping kids engaged, without going to screen time first.

What are some of your favorite toys and entertainment options when traveling? Leave a comment below!

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