Best Baby Bottle Warmer 2017 (surprisingly, this can make a difference)

Whether breastfeeding or bottle feeding is your plan with your little one, an electric bottle warmer can be a life saver!

When I was younger, warming a bottle basically looked like running hot water over the bottle while comforting a screaming baby for 10 minutes (or more!). Forget that.

One of my favorite conveniences as a new parent was using a bottle warmer. It made late night and “urgent” feeding times (those little buggers don’t often give enough warning) a lot easier to know a perfectly warm bottle was just a few moments away.

When I first went looking to add a bottle warmer to my registry, I figured they were all the same. We’re just heating water, right? But they’re not all same, and having the right one can surprisingly make a big difference.

Keep reading, and we’ll get into what we found to be the best baby bottle warmer (including a couple solid alternate options).

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Best Baby Bottle Warmer for Your Money

When it comes to best bang for your buck, our choice is the Philips AVENT Bottle Warmer, which we found to be a nice balance between useful and inexpensive.

No complicated instructions, measuring or calculating – this bottle warmer is a simple “setup and go” kind of device. This bottle warmer offers the ability to warm a 4oz bottle in just 3 minutes.

It also has settings for thawing frozen milk and warming baby food for when your little one gets a bit older. It’s pretty flexible too – most bottle brands will fit (worked great for our Medela bottles). Which is awesome because not every bottle warmer can say that.

Take it from a parent who knows: the bottles you buy aren’t always the bottle he/she will take. I think we tried 4 different brands before our daughter finally warmed up to the idea, so having the versatility of different size/shape bottles all fitting in the warmer easily? That alone puts this one at the top of our list for the best baby bottle warmer.

Honestly, the only “con” I can find with this warmer is that it doesn’t have a timer setting. The timer is automatic depending on the setting you are using (bottle, thaw, or food). I like that this is supposed to be a “smart” warmer and just “knows” how warm to get things but if I am warming 2oz instead of 4oz I may be concerned about it being too warm.

However, this bottle warmer’s price, ease of use, and the fact that it warms evenly to prevent hot spots, still makes it our favorite for best bottle warmer.

Click here to read more about the Philips AVENT Bottle Warmer

Best Baby Bottle Warmer: Premium Option

If money is no object in your hunt for the best baby bottle warmer, you may find yourself interested in our runner up: The Baby Brezza Baby Bottle and Baby Food Warmer.

This is a more expensive bottle warming option, however they do package it with bottles and some accessory pieces. This one is our runner up for two reasons: First, it is rather expensive when compared to our number one choice. Second, I find myself a little intimidated by the thing (can someone show me how to set the flux capacitor?!).

The Baby Brezza warmer is high tech and built for convenience. There are multiple settings and timers depending on your immediate needs. It can thaw baby food or breast milk, quick warm for urgent feedings, and slow warm for breast milk nutrient preservation. You can also set whether or not the milk or formula is room temperature or cold and the Baby Brezza will take it from there to get you the perfect bottle in minutes.

Perhaps the most high tech feature of this particular bottle warmer: it can be controlled using an app on your phone (via a Bluetooth connection). I can see this being an asset if you prepare by setting up the bottle ahead of time and then start the machine using your phone, while you are busy changing a diaper or tending to baby’s other needs.

Baby Brezza also says that this bottle warmer will hold any bottle type with ease.

Looking at the machine, you can see that Baby Brezza is trying to make setup as easy as possible. But I’ll be honest, I’m a simple parent who gets frustrated with tech easily, especially when I’m overly tired. I find myself just a little intimidated by all the features this one has to offer.

While the Baby Brezza bottle warmer is rather expensive, you do get a lot for that money. I personally don’t find it too difficult to place the bottle, turn it on and walk away for a few minutes, but I can see where the application and various pre-program features may come in handy late at night.

Click here to read more about the Baby Brezza Baby Bottle and Baby Food Warmer.

One More Great Bottle Warming Option

Our final contender in the race for best baby bottle warmer, is the Kiinde Kozii Bottle Warmer. This warmer runs the middle of the road price-wise but offers some cool features I wish I had, had with my daughter’s warmer when she was younger.

This Kiinde Kozii uses convective heating to warm bottles in a water bath, instead of using steam. This helps prevent steam burns (been there…. done that) and over-heated bottles if not removed instantly (also been there, done that).

Another plus is that it has a higher capacity water reservoir so you don’t have to fill it each time or measure water to set the timer correctly. Kiinde also says it can manage many bottles types and sizes, including safely housing breast milk storage bags. You can use this warmer to thaw frozen breast milk or food in addition to your bottles.

The main reason this one made our list is because it has a timer, something that seems to be lacking from the top bottle warmers.

Click here to read more about the Kiinde Kozii Bottle Warmer.

That’s all!

That does it for our list of best baby bottle warmers! Honestly, each warmer is a great choice. It really depends on how much you want vs. how much you want to spend. The AVENT choice is simple, inexpensive, easy to use and quick, therefore it’s our favorite.

What’s your favorite bottle warmer? Leave a comment below!

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