Best Baby Gift for Second Baby: 21+ Ideas for What to Get Mom

When your friend or family member (or wife!) had their first baby, finding a gift was easy.

Most new moms need just about everything – from bottle warmers to diaper bags. And they usually have a baby registry, which makes it about as easy as possible to find a gift.

However, when they’re expecting baby #2…it can be hard to find the right gift.  Do you get something for mom? Something for the baby?

As a soon-to-be mom of two, I have put together a comprehensive list if you are shopping for that best baby gift for second baby (or for mom).

Keep reading to see our list of the best gifts…the second time around!

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Best baby gift for second baby: Gifts that are actually for the baby

You can’t go wrong getting something for the baby. While mom and dad may have all the “essentials” left over from baby #1, there are bound to be a few things they need two of, or need to replace.

I know for the age gap between my first and second (just a little over 2 years) we are finding there are several things that we need to replace, but also things we just need two of. It’s good to replace things like wash cloths, bottle nipples, pumping accessories…etc. And we need to “double up” on items like sheets, booster seats, pack ‘n play…etc.

Here are some other things for the baby that would work as good gifts:

1) Clothing: Clothing is ALWAYS a must have. Even if your friend/family member is having a baby of the same gender, there are always cute little outfits to be had!

This gift will be an especially big hit if your friend is in the same boat you are in and having a different gender. I have a lot of the gender-neutral stuff, but hardly any “girly” clothing (since my first was a boy).

Pro Tip:  I LOVE the idea of matching sets for the new baby and older sibling!  For example, see this one, this one and this one – too cute!

2) Pumping/Bottle Items: Most people won’t reuse the same pumping/bottle items for baby #2.

After they’ve been used and washed so many times, they usually get worn out and need replacement anyway. A nice new bottle gift set like this Munchkin set (or whichever brand your friend/family member prefers) or a pumping set can be just the right gift!

Another item that I find to be INCREDIBLY helpful for a breastfeeding mom is this pumping bra.

What is a pumping bra you may ask?

Only the answer to every pumping/breastfeeding mom’s nightmares! (I kid, I kid) However, I’m picking this little item up for myself, because the idea of pumping and still having both of my hands free is AMAZING. Especially with two little ones to wrangle!

3) “Splurge” Gift: Since most second-time parents will have most of the big stuff – cribs, rockers, swings…etc. – it can be nice to spend a little “extra” on that gift for baby number 2. A fancy outfit, special toy or a creature comfort item can be a great way of giving the new baby something special that is all theirs!

I love the idea of splurging on a personalized item like these blankets (pictured above)!

4) Books: When I was expecting my son, we had everyone bring him a book to the shower, instead of a greeting card. I LOVED that he started off life with a sizable library of classics!

Even if baby #1 already has a nice collection of books, you can never have too many.  Sometimes it’s nice for baby #2 to have their own collection (although watch out for duplicates).

Here’s our list of some of the best books for babies.

5) Toys: My son also has a nice collection of toys over his 2 years. However, as a mom, I really want to see my little girl have a few new things that are HERS. So, a simple toy to call their very own can be the best baby gift for second baby!

Gifts for Mom

Don’t forget about mom when you are considering a gift for the second baby! Moms often get forgotten about when there’s a cute new baby in the room.

While it’s nice to think about the gifts for the baby, remember to take care of the person who brought the little bundle of joy into the world.

As a mom expecting my second, I can tell you the following items would make for AMAZING gifts!

1) Babysitting: An offer to come over and hold the baby for a while, or play with the older sibling for a few hours is an amazing and thoughtful gift to consider.

Also, it costs you nothing except a few hours of your time – I can promise mom will be forever grateful!

Bonus points if you can watch BOTH kids and let mom and dad run some errands or enjoy a dinner without the kids.

2) Comfy PJ’s/nursing clothes: I don’t know about the rest of you, but those first few weeks postpartum, I spent A LOT of time in sweatpants.

My two-year-old and my newborn won’t question this decision, so why should I?

I love the idea of gifting a new mom (even if it is her second go round) with some practical comfy wear or nursing clothes. I found this adorable nursing pajama set (with matching baby onsie!) and nursing shirts like this one can be super helpful when mom does want to get out or dress up a little!

3) Massage coupon: This option may be a sneaky way for grandparents or friends to get a little extra in the baby snuggles department! A splurge gift like a massage may be the best gift for a second-time mama to have a little extra time (and maybe a few zzzzz’s on the massage table!).

I remember when I was first nursing my son, my shoulders ached all the time. My body was so tired from carrying him during pregnancy, delivery and then all those sleepless nights. I may have mimicked road-runner if someone had offered me a massage and some babysitting!

3) Photography: This is truly a gift that keeps giving, and possibly one of the more thoughtful gifts on our list. Photography is a great way to treat mom to sweet memories she will cherish forever!

You can gift a maternity session, family photos, newborn photos…etc. There really are so many options for this gift, and I can promise you she’ll love it!

I personally love using Canvas on Demand.  There’s something so special about taking a regular photo and putting it on a canvas.  We have them all over our house and they look amazing.

4) A few hours of sleep: When my son was born, I recall being so stressed about him that even when I was sleeping, I was always listening.

My family would occasionally come over to sit with him and let me nap for 2 hours in between nursing sessions.

TO THIS DAY, this is hands down my favorite gift.

It made me a feel so much better knowing he was safe and cared for, so I could sleep deeply, even if it was only a little while.

So, if you are looking for the best gift for a second-time mom, consider giving her a nap! Again, more snuggle time for you and costs nothing!

Gifts for Mom, FROM Dad

I’m not talking “push presents” here – I’m talking gifts for mom, from dad, that really make her all warm and fuzzy!

1) Clean the bathroom (or anything really): By the time baby number 2 has arrived, I will take pretty much anything as a romantic gesture.  😀

So dad, if you’re looking for the perfect gift for second baby, you really can keep it simple! Doing the dishes, washing the bottles, cleaning the bathroom, bathing the older child, etc. Really there are is a house FULL of inexpensive gift ideas here!

(Joking aside, some dads are already great with this, and trust us: it is very appreciated.)

2) Offer a massage: Can you tell massages are a biggie? Even if it isn’t by a professional, offering to rub those achy shoulders or feet can be a great way to let her know that she’s special and doing a great job.

She’ll appreciate a few minutes of your time devoted on her, when she spends so much of her time devoted on the little ones!

3) A few hours of sleep: By this time in our list of gifts you ought to be noticing a trend. All we moms really want is a massage and some sleep, darn it!

Seriously though, dad, if you get up and do a few of the diaper changes at night or even just offer for mommy to go take a nap, she’ll love you forever for those precious hours! And perhaps even help come with a good strategy for splitting night time duties.

4) Personalized gift: If you are looking for something a little extra special, you can always consider a personalized gift that reflects her motherhood.

I have a necklace like this one with my son’s birth date in roman numerals and I LOVE it (example pictured above). I also have stacker rings like these. Truthfully, these items of jewelry are some of my favorite and I can’t wait to add to them with my little girls’ information.

Gifts that involve the Older Sibling

Parents who are preparing for a second baby will all tell you that one of the biggest concerns is the impact it has on the older child. I worry ALL THE TIME about making sure he doesn’t feel slighted or replaced. So, if you are looking for the best gift for second baby, consider the older sibling as well!

1) Quiet toys: This gift is particularly thoughtful if your friend/family has children with a close age gap. My son is two and doesn’t always understand the concept of “quite time.”

New toys that have a quiet element are a gift for him, and for us! There are bound to be lots of times when he has to be quieter for baby to sleep, so if he has quiet toys that are “new” and “exciting” it will make this a lot easier!

While you’re at it, here are 20+ quiet activities for your toddler.

2) Older sibling-centered clothing/gifts: Much like the matching outfit idea, there are some really cute options specifically for the older sibling to wear or play with.

A few ideas I loved can be found here, here and here (some of these are if you have a larger age gap and the older sibling isn’t a young child).

3) Play date/Playtime for the older sibling: A great gift for the older sibling and for both parents! A little out of the house play date can be just the thing to let mom and dad spend quality time with the new baby, while also making older brother/sister feel special and “cool”!

However, if you are uncomfortable taking the older sibling out on your own, offer to come over and play for a few hours! It will still be a welcome gift for everyone!

Gifts that are Food-Related

When in doubt, food is always a good choice. Everyone has to eat, and it’s very possible the new family is going to struggle balancing two children for the first time. Take one thing off their “plate” and help out with a meal.

1) Homemade meals: I stress homemade because no parent wants to exist on fast food and pizza for weeks after delivery. The occasional bagged meal is no problem, but there’s something about a hot, home cooked meal that warms the soul and fills the belly in a much more satisfying way!

It doesn’t have to be extravagant – simple meals are often the tastiest! Here are some great recipes from Pinterest.

2) Crock pot freezer meals: Along the lines of homemade meals are crock pot freezer meals. This is a great option because you can deliver 2 or 3 and the family can use them as needed. It relieves the stress to deliver a warm meal, but also give the family the same peace of mind and option to not “think” about dinner a few nights.

Here are some great crock pot recipes from Pinterest.

3) Lactation Cookies: If your mommy friend or family member is nursing, she may really appreciate a tin of lactation cookies! They can be a great way for mom to establish her milk supply and have a snack that is all hers, win-win! (Here’s a great recipe for lactation cookies.)

4) Meal Schedule: If you read the above option for crock pot freezer meals and thought “that would be nice, but I know they don’t have room for that”, never fear! A gift idea that really “keeps giving” can be establishing a meal schedule for the new family.

If you arranged for 2 or 3 families to deliver warm meals in the weeks leading up to or following delivery, you accomplish the same thing (with leftovers) without running into the issue of running out of room.

5) Snack basket: The early days of parenting are full of missed and cold meals. I remember being SO HUNGRY nursing my son and only having chips in my reach. A well thought out snack basket can be a really cute way to offer new mom and dad some variety in the hospital or at home.

Nuts, crackers, dried fruit…etc. it doesn’t have to be extravagant, just edible!

That’s our list of gift ideas!

That’s our list to cover the best baby gift for second baby! Hopefully you were able to find at least one idea here that works for you. Remember, you don’t need to spend a lot of money to give the perfect gift. Parents of a newborn appreciate help in all sorts of ways.

Ultimately, the parents just want to have people to celebrate with them while they bring a new member of their family home. But a well thought out gift doesn’t hurt!

What’s a great gift you’ve given to (or received as) the mother of a second baby? Leave a comment below!

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