Best Diaper Disposal System in 2018 (this one won’t stink)

As a new parent, one of the things you become really aware of before your baby is born is the concept of diapers.

Buying them.

Changing them frequently.

People would lead you to believe that your world revolves around it. And in some ways, they’re not wrong (at least, for the first couple months of your baby’s life).

As you get ready for a baby (and prepare your baby registry), one of the things you tend to look at is the diaper disposal system. (Also known as a “diaper pail.”)

But which is the best diaper disposal system?

There’s some debate on which is best, and in fact, some people claim you don’t need one at all.

In this post, we’ll dive into all the specifics about whether you need one, why you might want one, and what we think is the best diaper disposal system you can buy in 2018.

Let’s go.

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Why Even Buy a Diaper Disposal System

I’ve heard of people seriously questioning the need for a separate diaper pail / diaper disposal system.

After all, it’s just a garbage can, right? Can’t you just put dirty diapers in the trash like all your other household garbage?

Well…not so fast.

There’s a reason this thing exists, and it’s not some gimmick.

Here are a few pretty compelling reasons to own a diaper disposal system:

  • It’s convenient.  You generally keep it nearby wherever you’ll be changing diapers…which, in the first few months of your baby’s life (at least) will be your bedroom or the baby’s nursery. These are both places where you wouldn’t necessarily have a trash can within reach.
  • It keeps out the smell. So, this is actually the primary reason to own one of these.  A good diaper disposal system will keep out the smell really well, without requiring you to take the trash out every day.  We’ve gone a week or more at a time without emptying ours, and there is no smell even if you’re standing right next to it.
  • It’s not too expensive.  If one of these cost $100+, I could see maybe trying to make do without it.  (To be honest though, I’d probably still want one.)  They’re not expensive, which makes owning one a no-brainer.

What you’ll find is that, if you use a regular trash can for dirty diapers, you’re going to be taking the trash outside on a daily basis.  A dirty diaper sitting in an unsealed garbage can leave some pretty powerful smells in whatever room it’s sitting in.

The Best Diaper Disposal System in 2018 (in our opinion!)

We did a bit of research before purchasing what we believe is the best diaper disposal system.

There are a lot of options out there, and quite honestly, a lot of them are good and will get the job done.

We found the best diaper disposal system to be the Ubbi Diaper Pail

Here are all the things we like about it:

  • Never smell anything – this should be #1 for any diaper pail.  Above all else, not smelling anything is the most important part of owning one of these.
  • You don’t need to use their bags – Some diaper disposal systems require (or strongly encourage?) that you use their bags that are made specifically for the diaper pail. We use our own bags (regular garbage bags) and it’s been working great.
  • Looks good in the room – We opted for the gray one and it looks really nice in our baby’s nursery.  It’s a very sleek and modern design – definitely doesn’t look like a garbage can.
  • Sliding lid – We love the little sliding lid on top.  It makes it very easy to drop in a dirty diaper without letting any smells escape into the room.
  • High capacity – You wouldn’t know it just by looking at it, but the Ubbi holds up to 50 diapers.  We probably empty it only once a week (less frequently now that our daughter spends a few days per week at daycare).
  • Feels very sturdy – While the outside looks like it might be plastic, it’s actually made of powder-coated steel.  It’s not heavy, but it is very sturdy and doesn’t feel cheap at all.  Also, steel has the benefit of not being porous like plastic, which makes it less likely that any smell will escape.

Is there anything we don’t like about it?

Honestly, I have a hard time finding anything we don’t like about it.  If I had to pick something, I would say that it’s a bit more expensive than some other options.

However, I do think you get some added value and quality with the additional cost, so it’s worth it.  And in the grand scheme of things, especially if this is just another item on your registry, the difference between $40 and $60 is pretty insignificant.

And this is especially true when you consider we’re talking about something that keeps the smell of diapers from taking over your house.

Click here to read more about the Ubbi Diaper Pail.

What About the Diaper Genie?

Everyone’s heard of the Diaper Genie, and in some ways, the brand has become a household word (as in, people call diaper pails “Diaper Genies” even if the one they’re talking about is a different brand).

We looked into it, and although there is a lot of brand recognition with this name, but there seem to be a lot of quality issues.

From what I’ve heard from other parents, and in reading the reviews on Amazon, the main issues seem to be:

  • People hate the new design.  It’s plastic and feels cheap.
  • It holds fewer diapers than it used to (approx. 35-40 diapers).
  • The worst possible thing: many reviewers have noticed that it does not properly keep smells from leaking out.
  • You have to buy their bags.

On the plus side, it is less expensive than the Ubbi.  So if cost is an issue, you could consider this an option.

Other Options for Diaper Disposal Systems

There are some other options diaper disposal systems that are reviewed pretty positively, so it would be wrong of me to not mention them here.

  • Munchkin Step Diaper Pail – This one has a pretty cool design and is about the same price as the Ubbi.  However, some reviewers have noted design flaws. For example, there’s no rubber bottom, so when you step on the peddle to open the lid, the pail slides around.  Also, you have to manually stick your arm all the way in to push the diaper down to the bottom of the can.
  • Safety 1st Easy Saver Diaper Pail – This is by far the cheapest option, so those on a budget may want to look at this one.  The reviews actually aren’t too bad, but keep in mind, you generally get what you pay for.

Okay, enough diaper talk.

There you have it – our recommendation for the best diaper disposal system in 2018.  Maybe not the most exciting thing you’ll buy for your newborn, but certainly one of the more important and useful products.

What have your experiences been with various diaper pails? Which is your favorite? Leave a comment below! 🙂

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