The Top 10 Best Dinosaur Toys for Kids in 2018

Tired of searching the internet for the best dinosaur toys for kids?!? We've done the legwork for you! Here are our top ten favorite dinosaur toys for kids of all ages...

Many kids go through a dinosaur phase.

My son is 2, and he loves to read his favorite dinosaur book and scare the snot out of me by running around the corner roaring! If you search the internet for the best dinosaur toys, there will be pages and pages of results.

For several years there wasn’t much happening on the dinosaur front. However, in recent years we have seen Jurassic Park make a resurface on the big screen. As a result, dinosaur toys are getting more popular than ever!

Okay, so there are seemingly millions of dinosaur toys out there…which ones do you get for your kid? We’ve done a bit of research and came up with a list of the best ones out there today.

Keep reading and we’ll dive right into our list of the 10 best dinosaur toys for kids!

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#1: Toy Dinosaurs Toys for Boys Girls

The first toy on our list is a great starter dinosaur toy. Simple and colorful, these dinos make noise AND have movable legs. There are four toys in this particular pack, including everyone’s favorite, Mr. T- Rex.

These toys are made of a completely safe and nontoxic plastic for worry-free play time.

#2: LEGO Creator Mighty Dinosaurs

Number 2 on our list of best dinosaur toys for kids is for slightly older kids, ages 7-12.

This LEGO Creators Mighty Dinosaurs set is one of the best LEGO dinosaur sets I have seen. It doesn’t have too many pieces, but it has enough to be challenging.

It offers the supplies and instructions for three different dinosaurs: a T-rex, a Pterodactyl, and a Tyrannosaurus. Lego also offers a link to a 4th bonus build, a Brachiosaurus.

This set has great reviews for “good instructions with easy builds.” And many of the reviews even mention that the dinosaur builds all have good hinge points at the wings or legs for a more lifelike build.

#3: WowWee Blaze (Orange) Untamed Raptor by Fingerlings-Interactive Collectible Dinosaur

If you recall the holiday season of 2017, Fingerlings were all the rage. These adorable little “pets” wrap around your finger and react to sound, touch, and motion. Kids were going nuts for them!

Well, now even the dinosaur fans have something to get excited about! This WowWee Fingerling toy is one of the best dinosaur toys for kids, combing love of dinosaurs with friend-like entertainment.

#4: Joyin Toy 18 Pieces 6″ to 9″ Educational Realistic Dinosaur Figures with Movable Jaws

This toy comes with rave reviews from parents on the colors and durability of the dinosaurs.

I like that this set has so many dinosaurs and that the joints, necks, jaws, and tails move.

The set is made of non-toxic plastic and claims to be hand painted. The average size of each dinosaur is around 6 inches long.

#5: Prextex High Quality Plush Dinosaurs

This dinosaur toy makes our “best dinosaur toys for kids” list as the best plushy dinosaur toy for kids.

This is great for even the smallest dinosaur fans. With 5-star reviews across the board, this toy is sure to be a hit.

These plushies are washable, brightly colored, and just the right size for some snuggling!

#6: Discovery Kids RC Triceratops

This Discovery Kids toy is an awesome remote-controlled Triceratops. The toy sits about 10 inches long and has realistic sounds, motions, and light up LED eyes.

It gets good reviews from parents on the ease of operation, even for younger players. However, I’ll be totally honest, the green LED eyes are a little creepy… not sure I’m enjoying those.

#7: 50 Piece Dinosaur Play Set

I really like this set because it is HUGE! 50 pieces are included with multiple dinosaurs and terrain pieces.

This is one of the best dinosaur toys sets for kids because it offers a large variety and will stand up to rough play.

It has fantastic reviews and offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Can’t go wrong with this one!

#8: LEGO DUPLO Jurassic World Gentle Giants Petting Zoo

This is a LEGO DUPLO set for our young builders in the 2-5 year-old range. It is straight up adorable, so you know I had to add it to this list of best dinosaur toys for kids.

This set includes a small LEGO figure and two baby dinosaurs. It also has the components to build a small terrain/play set.

The best thing about LEGO DUPLO sets are the simple instructions and larger pieces. They are a great way to introduce LEGO into your child’s play time in a safe and fun way.

#9: Windy City Novelties LED Light Up and Walking Realistic Dinosaur

I can’t deny that this is one of the coolest dinosaur toys for kids, I have seen. This dinosaur has great reviews for being high quality and keeping attention for hours.

It comes in a really cool purple color with clear spine plates along the back. Turn the lights off and BOOM! The clear plates turn red/green/blue in the dark.

This dinosaur also walks and makes noise like a real dinosaur. I think this one is sure to be a hit… I know it is certainly one of my favorites!

#10: Discover with Dr. Cool Ultimate Dinosaur Science Kit

This last dinosaur toy for kids isn’t technically a toy. It’s more of a project and a science experience. I have personally played with a similar Dr. Cool set, and it was great fun! What goes better with dinosaurs than digging dinosaur bones?

This kit is a dry baked clay brick with dinosaur bones hidden within. You use the tools provided to dig for the dinosaur bones and learn a little more about paleontology along the way.

PRO TIP: I put mine on a cookie sheet to contain the mess better than newspaper.

These kits are not a “one and done” type play session either. It takes a while to find the bones, and it can be used for multiple play sessions.

That’s it for our list of the 10 best dinosaur toys for kids.

There is a lot of variety among the dinosaur-themed toys on this list. Determining the best the best dinosaur toys for your kiddo really comes down to your child’s age and preference.

We’ve included everything from RC, to imagination play, to STEM play on this list. These are sure to please every dinosaur fan out there!

What are your kids’ favorite dinosaur toys? Share with us in the comments!

Tired of searching the internet for the best dinosaur toys for kids?!? We've done the legwork for you! Here are our top ten favorite dinosaur toys for kids of all ages... Tired of searching the internet for the best dinosaur toys for kids?!? We've done the legwork for you! Here are our top ten favorite dinosaur toys for kids of all ages...

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