The Best Non-Toxic Play Mat for Babies in 2018

There are a lot of toys out there marketed for babies (and that may be an understatement – it’s sometimes overwhelming). It can be hard to know which is worth purchasing and which isn’t.

As an experienced mom, my top priorities when shopping for toys are as follows: versatile/grows with baby, education, safety, and cost.

Something that really fits all of these priorities is a non-toxic play mat. This simple “toy”, if designed right, can grow with a baby’s needs, provide education across that timeline, and practically pays for itself in entertainment.

Keep reading to find out more about our selection for the best non-toxic play mat for your little one!

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The Best Non-Toxic Play Mat for Babies in 2018

Benefits of Using a Play Mat

You may be asking yourself why you need a non-toxic play mat for your baby at all. Why not just use something like a blanket, or put them in a carpeted room?

Play mats are a great way to create a colorful, safe play space for your baby right from the start. Your baby will start with strength building play like “tummy time”, side-lying play, and back play. Each of these types of play make the play mat the perfect place to put a baby and incorporate toys to keep the little one engaged.

As your baby ages, you can use the play mat for continued discovery play, visual and sensory stimulation, as well as core strengthening. Honestly, a play mat is a great investment for years of play.

Mom Pro tip: they are a lot more comfortable to sit down on than the bare floor when it comes time to play! (I won’t lie – I’ve fallen asleep on one before.)

Now that you know WHY you want a non-toxic baby play mat, here is our list for the best non-toxic play mats!

The Best Non-Toxic Play Mat in 2018: Fun and Educational

This particular mat is the Baby Care “Busy Farm” play mat. I really like these baby play mats because they are not only adorable, but they are super functional!

These Baby Care play mats are great because they are double sided, colorful and large! The size is comparable to a queen size mattress, so it is perfect for a child’s room or play area. It also means there is a lot to explore!

I really love the designs on these play mats. My son would particularly love the busy farm and animals mat. He loves to point out colors, animals (and make the noises) and play with his cars on pretend roadways. This one was perfect for him!

And he’s already 2, which really speaks to the versatility/longevity of these play mats and the quality of the investment.

The best part of these designs is the educational element. You can use the mat to teach letters, numbers, shapes, and animals. All while getting all of the other benefits of owning a great non-toxic play mat.

Other people who have bought it consistently comment on the durability of these mats and how soft they are; this is especially nice if you have hard flooring in your kid’s play area.

Click here to read more about the Baby Care “Busy Farm” play mat!

The Best Non-Toxic Play Mat in 2018: Classy in Your Home

If you are looking for a non-toxic baby play mat option that has all the benefits without looking too “invasive” in your space, then these mats from Baby Care’s “Haute Collection” are right up your alley.

These baby play mats are still large, plush and great for all the benefits of having a play mat, while maintaining a certain element of style.

They’re double-sided – one side is fun for the baby and one side for you (maybe the side you flip to when guests come over). The Moroccan-styled ones are so modern and stylish; they could easily blend into any home décor when not being used for active play!

Click here to read more about the Baby Care Play Mat from the Haute Collection.

Non-Toxic Baby Play Mat: An Inexpensive Alternative

If the first couple of options aren’t agreeing with your budget, the Angels 20 XLarge foam mat might be worth checking out. This baby play mat option is also non-toxic, but lacks some of the “perks” associated with the other Baby Care options discussed above.

This baby play mat is much more inexpensive, which may be exactly what you need if you’re not looking to spend a lot of money on a mat.

It’s worth noting that this mat is a bit smaller than the other two options we looked at. It’s also going to be more basic, using a puzzle type format to fit together in basic primary colors. Personally, I like the versatility of the double-sided mats since it can encourage pretend play as your little one grows.

However, if you are looking for a simple floor mat that will protect your little one from a hard floor and provide a comfortable space for play with other toys, this one will definitely do the trick!

Click here to read more about the Angels 20 XLarge Foam Mat.

That’s it!

That’s it for our list of the best non-toxic baby play mats for 2018. As you can tell, Baby Care offers some great options for baby play mats, even if they are a little bit of an investment.

The benefit I see with these is that they are made to last and the designs are versatile enough to be décor friendly AND grow with baby/toddler play needs. As a mom, I appreciate a high quality baby item that will grow with my kids, so the little extra up front is totally worth it!

Have you tried these mats before? If so, what’d you think? Leave a comment below! 🙂

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