The BEST Nugget Alternative (Play Couch for Kids)

I don’t know if you noticed, but the Nugget (that little play couch for kids) has been super popular lately, especially during these times where we find ourselves at home more often.

There was a time when they were perpetually sold out.  And when they did come back in stock, they sold out within a couple minutes. Or, you had to sit and wait to win a lottery.  It was crazy.

So, you might find yourself wondering, “what else is out there? There must be something else like it, right?” 

You’re in luck.

While there’s nothing exactly the same as the the Nugget, there are several good alternatives and knockoffs that may be easier to get your hands on and will still provide tons of fun for your little ones.

Let’s dive in and check out the best Nugget alternative (we have a few options).

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The BEST Nugget Couch Alternatives and Knockoffs

Here are some great options to keep your kids entertained, especially when they’re stuck indoors!

Nugget Alternative #1: The Figgy

After reviewing both the Figgy vs. Nugget in detail, we’ve decided the Figgy is the clear alternative to the Nugget, and in our opinion, a slightly better option.

It has a waterproof liner (below the cover), allows you disconnect the four square cushions (or connect them, with really strong velcro), and it offers different shaped pillows (both rectangle and triangle).

In our experience, the quality of the cover fabric and cushion is the same as the Nugget.  Without a doubt, this is the best Nugget alternative! 

Click here to read more about the Figgy.

Nugget Alternative #2: Foamnasium Blocksy Kids Couch

This is probably the next closest you will come to the Nugget.   This play couch looks like it, costs relatively the same amount (maybe slightly cheaper) and has pretty similar functionality.

There are four pieces – two folding bases and two wedge cushions.  You wouldn’t think that just 4 pieces could result in so many different building configurations, but they do!

And just as important, the foam pieces are covered with durable vinyl, so they are easy to wipe clean.  

Definitely one of the best Nugget alternatives in our opinion.

Read more about this one on Amazon.

Nugget Alternative #3: The Jaxx Zipline Kids Modular Loveseat 

This is a multi-position foam loveseat for kids with a matching ottoman that can easily convert into a lounging platform or a play table. 

While it doesn’t have quite as many configuration options as the Nugget, it’s also less expensive and still good enough for your kid to play with and relax on.  

It comes in 8 different colors, and the cover (made of a durable microsuede) can be easily removed and is machine washable.  It’s a fine alternative to the Nugget!

Check it out on Amazon here.

Nugget Alternative #4: Foamnasium Blocksy Mini

We already covered the Foamnasium Blocksy above, but if that’s too much for you, or you are just looking for something that takes up less space than a full play couch, the Blocksy Mini might be a great Nugget alternative for you.

This one really is just a small version of the Blocksy! You get the folding base piece and two wedge cushions.  

I actually like this one a lot for toddlers and young children, and for bedrooms or playrooms where space is limited.  You can still do a lot of different configurations and there’s enough room for one kid to sit on it like a couch.  

It’s also quite a bit less expensive than the larger options; definitely worth looking into if you don’t want to make the bigger investment.  

Side note: Because this one isn’t as popular as the full size play couches, there are lot more colors in stock (at least, as of the time this post was published).

Read more about it on Amazon.

Nugget Alternative #5: LUCID Folding Sofa and Play Mat

This is another great Nugget alternative that’s a little bit different.  Instead of having multiple pieces that can be moved independently, this is a connected, folding play mat/sofa. 

While you can’t get all the same combinations that you could with movable couch pieces, this is still a pretty flexible couch that does allow for some variety.  It also can lay flat as a mat, which is something that the other Nugget alternatives can’t do!

It comes in 5 sizes: twin, twin XL, full XL, queen, and king.  

Click here to read more.

Is it worth trying one of the Nugget alternatives?

Unfortunately, the answer is…it depends! 

Even though the Nugget is typically in stock these days, there are definitely some competitors now that are arguably just as good (or even better) than the Nugget, like the Figgy.

But if you want something now, or simply don’t want to spend as much money, going for one of these alternatives is a great idea (and it’ll allow your kids to be playing much sooner!).  And if you’re looking for other fun at-home activities, check out this post.

What do you think? Have you been lucky enough to snag the Nugget or have you tried one of these other options? Leave a comment below!


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