Best Place to Do Baby Registry Setup in 2018 (Online and In-Store)

Pregnancy is a time filled with joy, but for some parents-to-be, it is also a time of panic. While you are anxiously awaiting the arrival of your precious little one, weird things are happening to your body, and the stress of preparing your home can feel overwhelming.

However, even amid chaos and nausea, there is something to look forward to (other than your baby, of course) – creating your baby registry! The best place to do baby registry setup? Let’s find out!

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Best Place to Do Baby Registry Setup in 2018 (Online and In-Store)

Shopping for your baby can be fun and exciting – but it can also be costly. Thankfully, you probably do not have finance it all alone.

Invite family and friends to help you prepare for your baby by throwing you a baby shower. They’ll love the opportunity to purchase gifts for mom and baby, celebrating the upcoming arrival and making your life a little easier!

If you want to end up with the baby gear you want and need rather than mounds of adorable teeny tiny baby clothes and shoes, then you need to create a baby registry.

(Don’t get me wrong – baby clothes are a must. But, there are many other things you need.)

A baby registry is an acceptable way to let your friends and family know what things you really would like to receive (and maybe also a way to start hinting to your spouse about the push present you want).

When to Start a Baby Registry

Generally, it is up to the parents-to-be when to create the baby registry. Some people start building the registry as early as twelve weeks pregnant, while others may wait until after they find out the gender.

You will want to have your baby registry prepared before you have any baby showers allowing enough time for guests to shop.

What to Add to a Baby Registry

When it comes to what to register for, you really can’t go wrong. Every store that offers a baby registry can provide you with a baby registry checklist.

It’s important to cover all the necessities and big budget items first.  We’ve also written some reviews on products that you might consider adding:

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How to Set Up a Baby Registry

Today’s baby registries are all designed to be set up online (even if you can set one up in store, it is preferable to do it online). This means you can easily set up a baby registry in minutes from your computer or mobile device while you are on break at work or lounging around the house.

But, it is important to recognize that some of your friends and family will want to physically go shopping and hold those teeny tiny baby products in their hands instead of ordering them online.

Therefore, you should consider where your friends and family will be shopping locally when choosing where to register.

So, the best place to do baby registry setup?

Let’s look at five of the best places to create your baby registry, and then I’ll tell you my favorite.

Best Place to Do Baby Registry Setup (Online Options)

More moms-to-be are beginning to believe the best place to do a baby registry is not an actual store; instead, it is online.

Online baby registries work exceptionally well for families who do not live in the same place, as they allow family and friends to shop and ship from the same place no matter where they live.

#1 Amazon Baby

The Amazon Baby Registry is an excellent choice for many reasons.

First, if you are not already a member of Amazon Prime and you’re expecting a baby, this may be the time to consider it.

As an Amazon Prime Family member, you not only get big discounts on diapers and baby goods, you also get free shipping and access to Prime Video and Prime Music. For example, by joining Amazon Prime, your registry completion discount increases from 10% to 15%.

However, you do not have to be an Amazon Prime member to create an Amazon Baby Registry. Many expectant parents use Amazon because it is easy and convenient.

You can manage the app from any device. For instance, you can set up your registry in just a little time on the mobile app, share the link to your friends and family, and you can choose to have the gifts shipped directly to your address.

Additionally, you can add any item from any website to your Amazon registry, so in addition to Amazon’s huge selection, you can add things you can’t find on their site. And if your family members would rather shop in store, they can still mark their purchases off your registry.

Other perks of the Amazon Baby Registry include the welcome gifts, free 90-day returns on most items, and free shipping on $25 or more (or free for Amazon Prime members).

Amazon also provides you with an automatically generated thank you list, making it a breeze to fill out and send thank you notes.

Click here to start your baby registry with Amazon.

#2 Babylist

Babylist is another online baby registry option.

What makes Babylist unique is that it is designed for the main purpose of being a one-stop baby registry.

For example, if you have created multiple registries, Babylist can link them to another registry or transfer items. The site can also compare prices across your registries. If you would rather not send out multiple registries, this is the site for you. Like Amazon, you also have the option of adding any item from any store – including indie shops.

Babylist also includes unique features, such as space for the parents to ask for help and favors (such as meal trains, hand-me-downs, etc.) and the ability to start a college fund where guests can contribute money that will go directly to your bank account.

Other perks of Babylist include the Hello Baby Box, free insert cards for invitations, and the ability to email, chat, or speak with helpers.

Best Place to Do Baby Registry Setup (In-Store Options)

For those expectant parents who would rather do a baby registry in-store, let’s look at the most popular options.

(Keep in mind, you can also set up registries at each of these stores online.)

#1 Target

For the Target fans, the Target baby registry is a hit. And who doesn’t love Target?

You can expect a welcome kit that includes $50 worth of coupons and samples, as well as look forward to a 15% discount on everything that is left on your registry after baby arrives. They also offer free shipping on $35 or more, easy returns and exchanges up to a year after your due date, and price matching for select competitors.

Target’s Baby Registry is also well-liked is because you have access to exclusive Target brands, but you can also add items from other websites using their universal registry.

Additionally, Target’s mobile app makes it easy to add items and edit your registry from anywhere while also keeping track of your gifts (what you received and who you have thanked).

Plus, friends and family like it because they can order online and pick up at their local store for free or use group gifting to split big-ticket items.

Click here to read more about the Target baby registry.

#2 buybuy Baby

buybuy Baby is known for its exclusive items, which is one of the main reasons expectant parents choose to register with them.

Plus, you can expect a free goody bag with samples, coupons, and exclusive Baby Book (a complete guide to your baby’s first year), and announcement cards.

For parents-to-be who want a truly curated experience, you can set up an appointment to meet with a registry consultant who will help you register for everything you want and need.

Additionally, buybuy Baby offers registry users the ability to ask friends and family for help building their registries. For example, you can copy a friend’s registry or permit your friends to add to your registry.

This registry also includes a price match guarantee, hassle-free returns (which never expire), and a free shipping rewards program. Plus, if you refer someone, you will earn a $25 off reward.

#3 Walmart

Walmart is a great place to register for baby essentials. The registry is easy and convenient.

Parents who register at Walmart can expect a welcome box and free 2-day shipping on baby favorites, as well as free in-store pickup and free returns on everything.

They also offer a price match guarantee. For example, if a local competitor offers the same item at a lower price, Walmart will give you an eGift card for the difference.

Final Thoughts on the Best Place to Do Baby Registry Setup in 2018

The best place to do baby registry setup? Amazon Baby Registry is our favorite.

In addition to being convenient for everyone, the registry offers more perks than the others. In addition to offering a completion discount, the discounts you can receive on baby items add up quickly.

But remember, there is no harm in choosing to register at more than one place. Go ahead and make the most of added perks and benefits!

Leave a comment below and tell me where you’ve started your baby registry!

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