10 Fun and Creative Bug Activities for Toddlers (great for spring & summer!)

We found 10 fun and creative bug activities for toddlers that should be a big hit at home (great activities for the spring & summer months)!

Does your little one love all things bug-related?

We’ve found 10 fun and creative bug activities for toddlers that we think will be a big hit at your house, especially as we get into the spring and summer months!

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10 Fun and Creative Bug Activities for Toddlers

No matter what your child’s preferences are, we think at least one of these bug activities for toddlers is going to be the perfect way for the two of you to enjoy some one-on-bug time together!

#1 Bug Activities for Toddlers: Buggy Moves

Buggy Moves is a bug-centered activity that is also pro-parent. Get those kids moving and burning their energy by creating dice that gets them moving like their favorite bugs!

The full activity instructions and source photo can be found at Life Over C’s.

Take a piece of paper and form a cube. Either write the instructions/draw pictures on each side and go play!

Even better? Use the free printable available at Life Over C’s.

Just don’t forget to go for the extra points and have your little one color the bugs first!

#2 Bug Activities for Toddlers: Spider Fun!

Spider Fun! couldn’t be easier to put together or more up my son’s alley. It just so happens that his favorite bug is my least favorite… the spider.

But even I have to admit this 8-legged bug activity for toddlers is just too cute!

Crafty Morning has the source photo and the full activity explanation.

What I love most about this bug activity for toddlers:

  • doesn’t require a lot of forethought to put together
  • can be done with some basic craftiness
  • has more than one activity involved

Use paper towel or toilet paper rolls to paint spiders and then add google eyes to added effect. When you are done painting you can cut more spiders for a 3-D project! 

#3 Bug Activities for Toddlers: Playdough Fossils

Playdough Fossils is an inexpensive activity that is simple but guaranteed to entertain!

I found the source photo and activity guide for Playdough Fossils at No Time for Flash Cards.

If you have bug figurines laying around and some play dough, you’re all set!

If you need some bug figurines I found mine here.

#4 Animal or Bug?

Remember those plastic bugs you just bought? Get ready to use them again for an awesome learning and bug centered activity for your toddler!

A Little Pinch of Perfect has this great bug sorting activity for toddlers (and the source photo).

Simply gather up a few random animal figurines (if you have a toddler I KNOW you have these lying around somewhere!) and the new bug figurines.

Now you can use a box like pictured, bowls, or basically anything you can use to sort. The goal of the activity is to sort the figures in to “bug or not” with animals going in one area and bugs going in the other.

#5 Bug Search

This digging and searching activity is a great idea for bug loving toddlers!

The full activity and source photo can be found at Sunny Day Family.

That investment in those plastic bugs is certainly paying off by now!

The best part of this activity is the sensory and motor skill benefits. By burying the plastic bugs in a sensory material like beans, rice, sand, etc., your toddler gets the sensory benefits of digging through the material.

If you incorporate the toddler tweezers as suggested, they will also benefit from developing the fine motor skills needed to extract the bugs!

Note: Make sure you supervise your little one so that they aren’t putting all of this in their mouth.

#6 Dance Worms Dance!

Dance Worms Dance! brings science to toddlers in this bug-centered activity.

You can find the source photo and the full activity instructions at Playdough to Plato.

This bug activity for toddlers is super simple but will blow your little one’s mind! All you need is a clear glass, gummy worms, baking soda, and white vinegar.

First steps involve soaking the gummy worms in a heavy baking soda/water mixture for 15 minutes. Then you transfer the worms to a clear glass with white vinegar.

The chemical reaction between the baking soda in the worms and the vinegar creates a fun dancing effect!

#7 Name Bugs

Name Bugs is a great bug activity that also teaches letters!

Source photo, product list, and full instructions can be found at No Time for Flashcards.

Toddlers will have fun using (safety) scissors to cut circles, practice writing their letters and then gluing them together for a fun, craft and customizable name-caterpillar!

#8 Colors and Bugs

Construction paper, glue and random colored odds and ends are the name of the game in this color matching bug activity!

Toddlers will love this bug activity, and you’ll love the chance to learn and reinforce sorting skills and colors!

Source photo and activity can be found at Wait Til Your Father Gets Home.

Simply cut out different color bugs (butterflies are pictured but you can get creative!) and gather some odds and ends of corresponding colors. Then your little one will take the small pieces and match them to the corresponding colored bugs!

#9 Bug Hunt!

Bug Hunt! is the perfect bug activity for toddlers! It involves being outside, bugs, and loads of fun!

Mrs. Jones Creation Station supplies the source photo and full activity instructions.

You can find an awesome backyard bug hunting kit here which will work great for this activity and plenty of future bug plans!

Really though, you could use the plastic bugs you purchased before (if you’re not keen on playing with actual bugs) to do a backyard (or indoor if the weather is inclement) search.

#10 Adorable Bug-Prints

This adorable bug toddler activity is guaranteed to make its way to the baby book!

You can find the source photo and full tutorial at Crafty-Crafted.

All you need is a little paper, a little paint, and some little feet! Googly eyes add a little extra cuteness as well.

Go Play!

Each of these ten bug activities for toddlers are super easy, simple to put together, and packed with loads of fun. Plus many of the crafting materials are reusable for multiple activities.

That’s a win-win-win in my book!

(And if you’re looking for more activities, check out our spring activities for kids post.)

Leave a comment and let us know what your toddler’s favorite bug is and which of these bug activities for toddlers you’ll be trying out this week!

Does your little one love all things bug-related? We've found 10 fun and creative bug activities for toddlers that we think will be a big hit at your house!Does your little one love all things bug-related? We've found 10 fun and creative bug activities for toddlers that we think will be a big hit at your house!

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