How to Teach Baby to Crawl: 6 Activities You Should Try

Are you worried your baby isn't learning to crawl quickly enough? Here are 6 activities you should try to teach baby to crawl!

Are your arms tired? Been there. During the first few months of your baby’s life, it seems like all you do is feed your baby, change your baby, and carry your baby. Each month, your baby seems to be moving on to bigger and better milestones, which may leave you feeling a little anxious about the next big one that …

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The Perfect Toddler and Newborn Schedule: Tips for Managing Both

Juggling the transition from one child to two children can be a difficult task. These tips from a mom in the trenches will help you create the perfect toddler and newborn schedule and help you survive the newborn days!

If you are finding yourself expecting your second child, or (congrats!) you’ve already given birth. You may have found this article because you are in desperate need of some sanity! Fear not friend. As a mom to a rambunctious 2-year-old and a newborn baby, I am here to offer you some understanding, insight, and pro tips for creating the perfect …

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The Best Non-Toxic Play Mat for Babies in 2018

There are a lot of toys out there marketed for babies (and that may be an understatement – it’s sometimes overwhelming). It can be hard to know which is worth purchasing and which isn’t. As an experienced mom, my top priorities when shopping for toys are as follows: versatile/grows with baby, education, safety, and cost. Something that really fits all …

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12 Stunning Gender Neutral Baby Nursery Design Ideas

One of the things I enjoy most about preparing for a new baby is getting the nursery ready. In my house, we had a boy first and then a girl, so I was able to do a little of each. However, if you are “team green” and plan on being surprised by your baby’s gender when he or she is …

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How to Pick a Baby Name in 2018 (And Not Screw It Up)

Figuring out how to pick a baby name is highly subjective process.  You might like one name…that your spouse absolutely hates. In fact, it’s very likely that this is the case. You go through the baby name lists online, each of you striking names from the list that you don’t like. Your wife loves “Emma,” but Emma was the name …

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Best Baby Gift for Second Baby: 21+ Ideas for What to Get Mom

When your friend or family member (or wife!) had their first baby, finding a gift was easy. Most new moms need just about everything – from bottle warmers to diaper bags. And they usually have a baby registry, which makes it about as easy as possible to find a gift. However, when they’re expecting baby #2…it can be hard to …

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Baby Naps Too Long: Is That Even Possible?

It doesn’t take long before new parents understand that naps are the key to a lot of issues. They help your baby sleep better at night and they give you breaks during the day (or allow you to nap too).  But what if a baby naps too long? Or, is it even possible that a baby naps too long?  It …

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Pros and Cons of Cloth Diapers (As Gross as it Sounds?)

Several years ago, long before I ever thought about becoming a parent, I heard about a family member who had begun using cloth diapers for her baby.  And to be honest, my initial gut reaction was: that’s disgusting. It’s true that today’s society is often criticized for embracing a “throw away” culture, and I agree it’s a valid complaint.  We’re …

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Can You Influence a Baby’s First Words? (and Should You?)

A baby speaking its first word(s) is often viewed as one of the key milestones in its first 9-14 months of existence. Which means, as a parent, you’ve spent nearly a year being babbled at. It’s cute and all, but you’re dying for some real conversation with your infant child. The babbling has taken a toll on your vocabulary as …

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