12 Incredibly Fun Construction Activities for Preschoolers

Now that we are in the middle of winter and snow days where I live, I am always looking for something to do with my little guy to keep him entertained. One can only take so many cartoons!

One thing we’ve really been into lately are construction activities – you know, trucks, construction, building things, etc.

If you are looking for some exciting things to do with your preschool-aged child (even if you live somewhere warm), look no further. This is our list of the 12 coolest, most incredibly fun, and mom/dad friendly, construction activities for preschoolers!

12 Incredibly Fun Construction Activities for Preschoolers

#1 Dump Truck Counting Activity

If you’re looking for something easy and educational, this is a great option. All you really need are some shape blocks, or shapes cut from felt. And a few numbers on scraps of paper.

You can pick the number and have your little one fill the dump truck with the appropriate number of pieces. For an additional challenge, you can place a certain number of blocks in the truck and ask your child to find the right number to fill in the blank.

For full instructions and source photo see Simple Speech

#2 Build a Truck!

My little guy is all about shapes AND trucks. So, I love the idea of combining both of these for something easy we can do indoors.

Granted, I am going to have to spend some time making these shapes, but they are reusable and have the potential for hours of fun!

All you need are felt or foam shapes and a table or piece of paper to build on. This is one of the construction activities for preschoolers that includes imagination and shape recognition in endless combinations of fun!

Little Family Fun has the complete instructions and source photo for this construction activity.

#3 Snow Dough Sensory Play

This construction activity is perfect for preschoolers and moms who prefer to bring the snow inside. This isn’t real snow – it’s an easy to make homemade snow-like “dough” that is perfect for pushing around with all those tiny construction vehicles laying around the house!

Pro Tip: For easy clean up and “mess containment” consider putting this activity in a small, shallow container or cookie sheet!

The Snow “dough” recipe and full instructions can be found (along with the source photo) at Stir the Wonder.

#4 Toy Tool Match-up

I love this idea for a construction-themed preschooler activity! This one is fantastic for matching unfamiliar shapes and improving fine motor coordination in the youngest of preschoolers.

All you really need is a few construction-themed toys/tools, a large sheet of paper, and a pen to trace them with. Once you’ve traced the shapes, ask your preschooler to match up the tools in the proper spot!

The source photo and full instructions for this one can be found here at The Measured Mom.

#5 Pendulum Play

This one might take a little elbow grease, but it’s worth it! This preschooler activity is all about pendulums and learning cause/effect.

Your preschooler will love that this also has a construction theme and will remind them of those great big wrecking ball machines.

This activity requires:

  • Wooden blocks
  • PVC pipe
  • String
  • Tennis Ball

The complete building instructions and source photo can be found at Teacher Tom.

#6 Hammering Golf Tees

Number 6 on our list is a great (and safe) way to break out the tools! This one involves hammering golf tees into stacks of Styrofoam plates.

Preschoolers love to play pretend and you can keep this interesting by adding in a “construction worker vest” or asking them to make a shape with the golf tees.

This idea and the adorable picture can be found at Domestic Serenity.

#7 Build a Number Tower

I am in LOVE with this preschool construction activity! The best part is, it’s not going to require a large investment of time or effort and you can reuse a toy that most kids have laying around anyway.

My son has a MILLION of these Lego blocks, so I love the idea of labeling them and having him match up all the numbers.

This is a great way to increase number recognition and counting skills with your preschooler, it’s also mess-free (score!).

I found this idea (and the photo) at Teacher Mom Plus 3.

#8 Bridge Building

It doesn’t get any simpler than this! I love that this bridge building activity not only keeps with our preschool construction theme, but also teaches kids about cause and effect.

With a couple pieces of wood, construction paper, and beads, your preschooler can test all sorts of fun bridge ideas. It’s easy, not messy, and very entertaining!

You can thank Stay At Home Educator for this genius idea and the great example photo!

#9 Marshmallow Tinkering

This project looks fun AND possibly delicious. Plus, I usually have small straws (or toothpicks) and a bag of marshmallows laying around somewhere, so this is an easy last-minute mom win!

Keeping with our construction theme, have your preschooler build a house or a skyscraper, using just marshmallow bits and the straws/toothpicks.

I found this idea in several places, but I really like the photo step-by step instructions at Creative Connections for Kids.

#10 Construction Pom Pom Pick Up and Sort Game

This one is a great sorting, color-matching activity, for younger preschoolers to enjoy. I really like that you can use their construction trucks to keep the theme going.

But don’t worry, if you don’t have a truck that can lift the pom-poms, tongs work great too! Then your little preschooler can be the construction vehicle and make all the noises that go along with it.

Step by step instructions and the source photo can be found at Stir the Wonder

#11 Alphabet Rocks Construction Site Activity

This is a fun construction activity that is going to grow with your preschooler as they learn.

I really like the idea of this letter-based construction activity because it keeps kids engaged, and there is a lot you can do with it. If your preschooler is just learning their letters, you can use it to gain letter recognition. It can also be used for phonics, spelling and more as they continue to grow.

Check out the full instructions (and source for the photo) at The Imagination Tree.

#12 Build Your Own Creation

This last activity doesn’t exactly scream “easy,” but if you’re making a list of awesome construction-themed preschool activities, this one is just too cool not to make that list!

This uses painters tape (safe for walls) and large foam blocks to challenge your preschooler’s building skills. It teaches shapes, problem solving, and is sure to keep them entertained while wearing them out.

I sourced the photo and the idea from Not Just Cute if you’re looking for more instructions and ideas with this one (it’s the first activity listed on this page)!

Time to play!

So that is our list of fun construction activities for preschoolers! There is a lot of variety with these activities ranging from delicious (still thinking about those marshmallows!) to physically exerting (nap inducing??) with those large foam blocks.

Hopefully this gives you a few fun ideas for things to do indoors during the what we have left of the winter, or you can keep them in your arsenal for the summer as many of these can also be done outside.

Also check out: 20+ Quiet Activities for Preschoolers (a must have list for parents)

What are some of your favorite construction activities for preschoolers to keep them entertained, learning, or just to keep them off the screens? Leave a comment below!

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