9 Dollar Store Hacks that Will Make You an Organizing Genius

As a parent, I am always looking for ways to keep organized and make life just a little easier.  One of the problems I’ve found is that all of the really cool organization stuff out there is expensive.

And when you’re looking to organize drawers, closets, kids toys, etc. the cost really starts to add up.

Fortunately, genius minds of the internet have found a lot of really cool low budget ways to get organized.  I’ve compiled a list of my favorite, and it’s time to share with you.

Prepare to have your minds blown with my list for 9 Dollar Store hacks that will make you an organizing genius!

#1 Small item organization using S hooks and dollar store baskets

I found this idea from my friends at DIY Energy and can I just say I LOVE this idea!

This is perfect for all those teeny tiny items that take up drawer space and are hard to organize (can anyone say baby socks?). This one is super cheap and easy to do, which is completely my style.

I already have these wire storage racks in places like closets, the laundry room, pantry, etc., so all I had to do was purchase those bulk packs of S hooks and a few color coordinating baskets. Voila!

I already feel smarter.

Source: DIY Energy

#2 Make the most of your drawer space

Like many families, ours has the resident “junk” drawer. This drawer is quite literally the bane of my existence.

I like things organized, I like for all things to have a place. But where in the world does some of this stuff actually belong? So much to my disappointment, the junk drawer remains. This drawer is sort of the pit of never-ending-clutter in my house and in my search for a way to make it less…awful…I found this idea from Real Simple.

Use dollar store mini loaf pans to create a custom compartmentalized drawer organizer.

This idea is genius for so many reasons! The prefab drawer organizers are usually either expensive or the wrong size/shape. This way you can use every square inch of your drawer space for max efficiency and is sure to make you an organizing genius!

Source: Real Simple

#3 Easy access accessory organization

I borrowed this idea from the Idea Room. If you have a little girl, you’ve probably thought about about how you can better organize things like hair ties, bows, clips, etc.

Dollar store craft organizers are a cheap way to neatly keep things sorted and keep them out of little hands. These little guys stack nicely in the bathroom cabinet or on a shelf without looking cheap or cluttery.

I am so excited for this genius hack to be put to good use!

Source: The Idea Room

#4 Wonderful winter organization

I have personally been using this idea, shared with me from our friends with From The Desk, for years! Living in the Midwest, I see my fair share of cold weather, and sometimes having a nice scarf really helps brighten an outfit during those cold, dreary months!

For this idea, all you need is a sturdy hanger (or a tension rod like I use) and cheap, dollar store plastic shower curtain rings.

Thread your scarves through the shower curtain rings and now you have a great way to consolidate the storage, keep organized, and quickly assess which pattern or color you may be looking for! This is great for busy moms like myself when you are trying to get dressed five minutes before you run out the door, kids in tow!

Source: From the Desk

#5 Magnetic strip in the medicine cabinet

These folks at Real Simple know how to speak to a lady about organization! I am forever buying those bulk packs of bobby pins only to find that I can NEVER actually locate one of them when I need it.

As a mom who refuses to chop off my long hair, I have traded expensive blow-outs for the classic “I give up” ponytail. This look only gets worse when my bangs and layers are popping out everywhere due to a bobby pin crisis that morning, so this idea makes perfect sense for all the ladies out there like myself.

All you need is a magnetic strip and some adhesive on the back of the medicine cabinet door! Once its added just stick those little buggers on there and you’ll (in theory) always be able to find one in a pinch. Genius!

Source: Real Simple

#6 Door organizer turned snack central

The folks over at the Prudent Penny Pincher sure know how to speak “mom”. This idea leaves me with visions of potentially making it through a phone call or a trip to the bathroom without having someone request I make them a snack…wishful thinking?

Think again! All you need is a cheap, over the door shoe organizer!

This is best used on the back of a pantry door or hanging somewhere in the kitchen. But these over the door organizers serve so many purposes, I’ll bet you start finding ways to use them everywhere.

This particular idea is for snack organization. Small snacks fit easily in these pouches and the clear design means your child can easily see their options at a glance. I also love that this helps me organize my pantry by keeping those large, bulk purchase boxes from taking up precious shelf space.

Source: Prudent Penny Pincher

#7 Easy access trash bags

This idea comes from Simply Organized and they really couldn’t have been more on the nose with this extremely simple organization tip.

All you need is curtain rod brackets and wooden dowels to start. This hack is perfect for managing over-sized rolls of household trash bags without taking up precious real estate in the pantry or under the sink.

With a few minutes during nap time and a couple of hand tools you can simply and easily store your trash bag rolls along the inside of your cabinet for easy access!

Source: Simply Organized

#8 Pop up hamper turned toy storage

I personally cannot wait to put this idea into practice for my little one’s stuffed animals.

DIY & Crafts suggests using a cheap, pop-up hamper for an easy, cheap storage solution. While I don’t think this will work for heavy toys, I think this can be a great choice for lighter toys, like stuffed animals.

Source: DIY & Crafts

#9 More toy storage genius!

This last idea comes from The Crazy Craft Lady, who truly is a lady after my own heart.

She suggests using cheap, mesh laundry bags to manage small toys and sets like puzzles. I personally use these mesh bags to store my child’s blocks already, but I will be using them to help with the shape sorter puzzles as well!

Source: The Crazy Craft Lady

That’s it!

These are our top 9 Dollar Store hacks that will make you an organizing genius. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!

Parenting is hard enough; these little hacks are sure to make some things a little easier and more manageable.

What are some of your favorite “Dollar Store” hacks?  Leave a comment below!

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