15 Fall Leaf Activities for Preschoolers (all of these are fun!)

Fall is definitely one of my favorite seasons.  The leaves change colors, you get out of the dreadful heat of summer (depending on where you live), and move into some nice, cool weather before it gets too cold.

It’s an exciting time for kids too.  Halloween is around the corner, and before you know it, the holidays are here.

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

We thought it might be fun to look at some activities for kids, and specifically look at fall leaf activities for preschoolers.  

Plenty of great stuff here to keep them busy! Let’s get into it.

15 Fall Leaf Activities for Preschoolers

After doing a bit of research, we came up with some great fall leaf activities that younger kids will enjoy, and hopefully you will too!

#1 Leaf Suncatcher Craft

This is a really cute craft where you make fall leaves out of tissue paper and contact paper and stick them to your window.  

Use traditional fall colors or get creative and use whatever colors you want!

Source: The Best Ideas for Kids (more pictures and instructions here)

#2 The Leaf Cutting Tray

This activity is all about getting your little one better at using scissors and working on his or her fine motor skills.

Before you start, take a nature walk with your child and collect some fall leaves. Try to grab different size and color leaves!

Place the leaves on a tray, get some scissors, and start cutting. You’ll be amazed at how well this keeps your preschooler entertained!

Source: Happy Toddler Playtime (more pictures and instructions here)

#3 The Watercolor Leaf

Our list of fall leaf activities for preschoolers wouldn’t be complete without a watercolor activity!

It’s as simple as cutting tissue paper into the shape of leaves, getting some different liquid water colors, and using pipettes to drip the colors onto the tissue paper.

Once the leaves dry, they’re ready to go (and can even be used for other art projects)!

Source: Teaching 2 and 3 Year Olds (more pictures and instructions here)

#4 Hands-on Fall Leaf Patterns

When I first found this activity, I was expecting it to be an art/craft activity.  To my surprise, it was actually more of a learning activity!

Basically, you’ll either want artificial fabric leaves, or real leaves if you can find a variety.  The goal is to set a pattern and have your preschooler follow it.

The type of pattern is up to you – you can go by color, leaf size, leaf type, etc.  

Source: Life Over C’s (more pictures and instructions here)

#5 Leaf Rubbing Activity

I remember this one from when I was a little kid.

All you need are leaves, paper, and crayons (so this is definitely one you can do with what you have on hand). 

Peel the wrapper off the crayon (so the entire thing is exposed), put a piece of paper over the leaf, and rub the crayon the long way over the paper.


Source: Laura Radniecki (more pictures and instructions here)

#6 Fall Leaf Word Tree





This one is a bit larger of a project compared to some of the other fall leaf activities for preschoolers we’ve listed so far.

It’s a mix of an art project with an educational vocabulary lesson.

The tree trunk is optional – you could just create the leaves, or even put them on a drawing of a tree.

Source: Nurture Store (more pictures and instructions here)

#7 Fall Leaf Puppets

This is a fun creative activity that takes a leaf and gives it some character.

All you need to do is laminate a leaf, glue it to a stick, and add whatever facial features you want!

Source: All Things with Purpose (more pictures and instructions here)

#8 Leaf Drawing and Doodling

This one may require supplies that you don’t have around the house (such as metallic Sharpie markers), but the end result is really beautiful.  

If you have lighter color leaves, you can use regular black permanent markers (if you trust your kids with them!).

Source: Artful Parent (more pictures and instructions here)

#9 Leaf Mask

Here’s another creative use for leaves. 

All you have to do is cut out the shape of a mask (you can use a paper plate or even an empty cereal box), attach it to a string, and then glue the leaves to the front of the mask.

It’s up to you how you want to arrange the leaves, so every mask will look different!

Source: Small Friendly (more pictures and instructions here)

#10 Roll-and-Say Fall ABC Activity

This is a printable activity that allows your preschooler to practice his or her ABC’s. 

All you need to do is print it and find an acorn to use! (or a little ball will work too)

Source: Fantastic Fun and Learning (more pictures and printable here)

#11 Fall Leaf Color Stomp

Here’s an activity that gets your little one up and moving (as if they weren’t up and moving already…).

Create different colored leaf cards and have your child hop from card to card, naming the color (or feel free to add other things, like numbers or letters!).

Source: Toddler Approved (more pictures and instructions here)

#12 Baking Leaf Cookies

All these activities are probably making you and your preschooler hungry.  Why not do a baking activity?

In the link below, you can get the full recipe for these delicious leaf-shaped cookies.

Source: Nurture Store (more pictures and recipe here)

#13 Fall Leaf Painting

If you’re willing to deal with a little mess, this one sets your child up to paint.

Tape the leaves to a piece of paper, paint around them, and then when you remove the leaves, you have some really good painted leaf shapes!

Source: Minne Mama (more pictures and instructions here)

#14 Leaf People Craft

This is a fun little activity that allows you to be creative by creating little people out of leaves.  

Each one will look different, so use your imagination!

Source: My Mommy Style (more pictures and instructions here)

#15 Fall Leaf Action Art

This activity requires a jar (or any smaller container), some paint, a small pine cone, and a cut out leaf-shaped piece of paper.

Put it all in the container, shake it up, and check out the cool design on your leaf!

Source: Teaching 2 and 3 Year-Olds (more pictures and instructions here)

Are you ready for some fun fall leaf activities for preschoolers?

I’m not excited for summer to end, but I am excited for fall. There are a lot of great activities to do as the weather cools down.

Hopefully you enjoyed this run through these fall leaf activities and found a few for your little one to do.

What other activities do you like to do with your kids in the fall? Leave a comment below!

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