The Figgy vs. the Nugget: Which Play Couch is Better?

Figgy vs. the Nugget - which play couch is best? We review in detail across multiple different categories to give you our assessment!

We’ve written about Nugget alternatives before, but now we’re going to take a look at a new Nugget alternative contender: The Figgy.  In a comparison of the Figgy vs. Nugget, which play couch should you buy?

If you haven’t heard of the Figgy, it’s new to the rapidly growing play couch scene.  Play couches to a certain extent have been around forever, but when much of the world experienced a “stay at home” order in early 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic, play couches (and the Nugget in particular) exploded in popularity.  Kids are playing at home more, and the Nugget ended up being a great solution for parents.

But with the popularity of the Nugget, the demand far exceeded supply and parents everywhere were left fighting for Nuggets.  Whenever they would restock, they would sell out within seconds.  They’ve since increased production capacity and have begun selling more on backorder, but the increased demand has opened the door to new options such as the Figgy.

Let’s compare the two and see what’s right for you.

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The Figgy vs. the Nugget: Which Play Couch is Better?

We’re going to examine a few different aspects of each play couch and talk about the differences between the two.

Cushion Configuration

At first glance, both the Figgy and Nugget look very similar, but they have quite a few differences in their features.

The Nugget consists of two triangular pillows, a thinner foldable, foam cushion, and a thicker, foldable foam cushion.  Occasionally the Nugget allows you to buy extra pillow packs.

The Figgy consists of four base cushions (all the same size) and 2 rectangle cushions.  There is an optional add-on for a wedge cushion, which is a triangular pillow similar to (but not exactly the same as) the Nugget pillow.

While the base for both is essentially 4 square cushions, there is one important difference between the Nugget vs. the Figgy: The Nuggets 4 cushions are paired together so that each set of two are connected and can be folded.

The Figgy, on the other hand, has its four cushions connectible via velcro.  This allows you to separate them if desired, which cannot be done with the Nugget.  Time will tell if this is truly a “pro” or a “con” – while there is more versatility, we have yet to see how strong the velcro connection is.

Overall, we are giving a slight edge to the Figgy due to the added versatility of the different shaped cushions (triangle and rectangle) as well as the ability to separate the base cushions.

Winner: The Figgy

Additional Features

This is where the Figgy stands out, because it was built with the Nugget in mind (i.e. the creators looked for ways they could improve upon the Nugget).  

For this section, the Nugget is really our “base” for comparison, so relatively speaking, it has no additional features.  That’s not a bad thing and doesn’t take away from its quality, but it’s simply a “what you see is what you get” situation.

The Figgy, on the other hand, has a couple of interesting features that you might not realize at first glannce:

  • Waterproof liners – The Figgy actually has two covers on its foam blocks.  Beneath the top cover is a 2nd layer – a waterproof liner.  This protects the foam blocks from spills and other accidents.
  • Zipper cover – Instead of the zipper handle just sticking out (like you would expect), the Figgy cover has little pockets to slide the zipper into.  It hides the zipper to prevent it from making contact with your kids or scratching your walls.  

In our opinion, the zipper cover is nice but rather insignificant as a feature.  The waterproof liner, however, is a really useful additional feature that the Nugget doesn’t offer (yet).  For that reason, we give the Figgy the advantage in this category.

Winner: The Figgy


From what we can tell, the quality of both play couches are very similar.  However, the Nugget has been around for years with no known quality or reliability issues.

At the time of this writing, the Figgy is very new.  We don’t have the data to know how it will hold up to countless hours of kids jumping on it.  This isn’t to say it won’t be as good as the Nugget, but until it’s been in parents’ hands for several months, we have to give the edge to the Nugget here.

Winner: For now, the Nugget


Without a doubt, this is where the Nugget shines.  The company behind the Nugget has done an excellent job creating a collection of colors that give parents so many options.  They also sell covers separate from the Nugget itself, so you can buy extra covers and change the color of your Nugget whenever you want (or have a spare cover for the times when one is being washed).

From a marketing perspective, their approach to colors has been genius, giving each a unique and memorable name.  It’s not a yellow Nugget – it’s “Saturn.” It’s not a dark gray Nugget – it’s “Harbor.” The list goes on and on.  At any given time, they have around 15 colors available, and they frequently introduce new colors (and occasionally retire old ones).  

Furthermore, the colors aren’t just “kid friendly” but they are colors that go well with a variety of interior decors – the Nugget is something you wouldn’t mind keeping out in your family room.

As of this time of writing, the Figgy has two colors – gray and navy.  I won’t be surprised, however, if they come out with new colors as time goes on.  For right now, we have a pretty clear winner for colors.

Winner: The Nugget


To compare price, we really have to look at the base model for both the Nugget and the Figgy.  

One of the basic Nugget colors (Koala, Submarine, or Blackbeard) sells for $229.

The base model for the Figgy retails for $299.  You can add an additional wedge piece for a total of $324.

Looking at an apples-to-apples comparison, the Nugget has the clear edge on price.  We’ll see as time goes on how prices may change; it is possible that as the Figgy ramps up production, they will be able to achieve a lower price point.

Winner: The Nugget


At the time of this writing, the Figgy is being sold through Kickstarter and is estimated to start shipping in February (2021).  There’s no indication yet what the availability will be after the company ends its Kickstarter and begins fulfilling those orders.

The Nugget, on the other hand, is on backorder right now, shipping as soon as January (2021) but as late as April (2021).  They recently moved into a new warehouse that is expected to give them capacity to process more orders and in a shorter period of time.  

Beyond the early part of 2021, we really don’t know what the availability will be like for either of these play couches.

Winner: Too Uncertain

Bottom Line: Which should you buy?

This is a tough one.  The Figgy has some really interesting features that the Nugget doesn’t have, and it’s available sooner (as of this writing), but it’s brand new and the quality and durability is still unknown. 

The Nugget is a little simpler, but offers a better selection of colors and has been around for a few years with thousands of happy parents and kids. 

At the end of the day we believe this is truly a close call and really depends on your preference for the cushion types.  If the Figgy releases some new colors and we have at least a few months of data on the quality and durability of the Figgy cushions, it seems like they may have an edge over the Nugget.  For now, the Nugget is the “proven” play couch. 

Regardless of which one you go with, check out our post about the best Nugget accessories – any of these would go great with a Figgy or a Nugget!

We’ll plan on revisiting this in a few months and updating our recommendation as we know more.

Figgy vs. the Nugget - which play couch is best? We review in detail across multiple different categories to give you our assessment!

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