10 Insanely Fun Snow Day Activities for Kids (that adults will enjoy too)

Here in the Midwest, there are several months of the year when it is cold and there is plenty of the white stuff.

Snow is a four letter word most of us have a love/hate relationship with.  It’s pretty and fun to play in, but it can also be a hassle (driving can be a major pain in the ass). And sometimes, when old man winter is feeling especially generous, it means you’re stuck in your house for a while.

Fortunately, this makes me an “expert” on finding fun snow day activities (since I’ve been snowed in more than a few times myself!).

So, if you are dreading that first good snowfall and the inevitable school “snow” days, fear not! Here are 10 insanely fun snow day activities for you and the kids this winter!

10 Insanely Fun Snow Day Activities for Kids

1) Build a snow man (and even paint it)

Do you want to build a snow man? (never mind, been watching too much Frozen)

Okay, so I am starting off the list with a more than obvious suggestion, but I promise this one is worth it.

Some of my favorite memories involve getting all bundled up and making the biggest snowman my sister and I could muster. It was ALWAYS better if mom and/or dad were out there too because they could lift the big pieces!

An interesting pro-tip I found online on how to take your snowman making to the next level: Snowman painting!

You can do this with with good old-fashioned food coloring! Using water and food coloring in a spray or squirt bottle is a great way to add a pop of color to your snowman and brighten your yard friend.

Image source: HowDoesShe

2) Make snow ice cream

I’ve actually done this one myself and I look forward to it every winter!

I know some people get weird about eating snow but honestly…as long as it’s fresh (and not yellow) you are totally good to go. I ate my weight in snow every winter as a kid, and to my knowledge, no permanent damage!

Here’s a recipe you can use from Inner Child Fun. I haven’t tried this specific one myself yet, but I plan to! It’s a pretty standard recipe usually involving some sugar, vanilla, and fresh snow.

It’s honestly so delicious and easy. Plus, it’s a fun snow day activity that mostly involves being inside where it’s warm!

3) Make snow cones

Along the line of more edible snow creations: snow cones! This one is even easier than the snow recipe. It really only involves juice and snow.  As in, take your favorite kind of juice, and drizzle it over a cup of fresh, clean snow.  (And if you’re weirded out by using real snow, you can also put ice in a blender and it’ll work just as well.)

If you are feeling particularly fancy, you can use flavoring syrups for the real deal. Or make your own flavoring syrup like the recipe I found here.

Snow cones are a great way to, again, have fun indoors where it is warm. It is also just a fun way to use the snow to make your little one’s day.

If the snow is going to be the “bad” guy and keep you stuck at home, you might as well have fun with it and have a sweet treat.

Image source: Rosanna Pansino

4) Go sledding

Here’s another one of my most fun snow day activities that I always did as a kid: Finding that perfect hill and going sledding!

I used to love seeing how fast we could going down the hill or take turns pulling each other as fast as we could in the sleds. (Be careful, of course, and make sure you’re supervising your kid depending on age.)

This seems like an obvious fun snow day activity, but it had to make the list. It’s a great way to burn off all the energy our kids have.  All that going up and down the hill, or pulling a sibling in the sled? They’ll be ready for nice quiet evening of hot chocolate and movies in no time. Mom win!

Plus, I found a great way to get a two for one activity out of this one:

Make your own sled….out of duct tape!

Here are some awesome step by step instructions on making a simple sled out of cardboard and duct tape. It’a a great way to burn time and keep the kids engaged. First craft time, then time to play outside and burn off all that excess energy testing them out!

5) Decorate ice globes 

Our next suggestion is one I have been DYING to try and always end up forgetting to do. Not this year! It’s on my list of musts for this winter-time.

Ice globes to decorate my front walk way.

This suggestion and step by step instructions comes from Queen Vanna Creations. It’s super simple and a great way to have fun on a snow day.

All you need is water, some cold weather, food coloring and balloons. Essentially you fill up the balloons with water, add a few drops of food coloring and set them outside to freeze. Then once they are frozen you can break the balloon and peel of the rubber to reveal a beautiful marble-like ice globe!

Talk about fun!

6) Bake, Bake, Bake!

My little guy is only two and he already LOVES when momma breaks out the baking stuff. He loves adding ingredients, stirring everything up, taste testing and then he waits (somewhat patiently) staring through the oven window while everything bakes.

Baking is a perfect snow day activity because it involves things that taste great, warming the house with the oven, and passing time while everyone is stuck inside. Instead of getting bored, kids get to be engaged, and you get a warm, sweet treat at the end!

I especially like recipes with a snow theme for this particular snow day activity list. I really liked these snowman cupcakes from the Little Sunny Kitchen!

7) Make homemade Play-Doh

Another great way to pass the time is to make your own Play-Doh! This step by step instruction guide is a great, inexpensive example of how simple making Play-Doh can be.

I love the idea of this if you don’t already have Play-Doh stored somewhere in the house because, again, it’s a two-for-one type of activity.

This fun snow day activity starts with crafting and learning to make the Play-Doh. Then, you can make your own shapes and designs and can even finish off by baking the Play-Doh shapes and painting them!

It’s a great activity that can take most of an afternoon without anyone realizing it, keeping kids engaged and mom/dad’s nerves at ease!

8) Build a fort 

Building a fort, or letting your kids experiment with building a fort is a great way to pass the time on a snowy day.

Depending on your kid’s age you can get involved and really show them how it’s done, or you could have a “fort-off” if you have multiple kids (or they have friends over). Give each kid supplies and a certain amount of time to build.

Then, mom or dad can come in and give out the “most creative fort” or “biggest fort” awards! Imagine all the things you could get done with the kids occupied for that long!

One of our favorite ways to build a fort is with the Nugget couch (or if you can’t get your hands on a Nugget, check out our list of Nugget alternatives).

Image source: Bits of Everything

9) Have an indoor picnic

Along the lines of fort building comes the indoor picnic. Whether or not you decide to go the fort route, this can be a great way to make boring activities (such as lunch) exciting for your little ones.

If you do decide to use the fort suggestion, you could even start by building an epic fort and finish with a great snack/picnic inside!

Have the kids help you make cute little sandwiches or snowman-themed foods for your picnic and then camp out in the living room and enjoy!

10) Enjoy some hot chocolate!

No fun snow day is complete without hot chocolate!

Whether spending your time outdoors, indoors, or a split between them both, you can end the snow day with a great cup of hot chocolate using the Frugal Gals recipe here. This simple recipe has minimal ingredients and can be set in the crock pot to cook while you spend the day enjoying your kiddos!

I love the idea of sitting in the fort, with a warm cup of hot chocolate in hand, telling stories, reading books or watching movies. So, cozy!

What are you waiting for? Go enjoy your snow day!

That does it for our list of fun snow day activities for you and the kiddos! (If you have young kids and you’re looking for something a little bit more low key, check out our quiet time activities.)

It’s not often that we get the chance to be a kid again, but snow days make the best opportunities. Don’t be worried about how to fill your days, just use the suggestions here and go have an awesome day!

What are some of your favorite fun snow day activities? Leave a comment below! 🙂

Winter got you down? Here are some really fun snow day activities for kids that even adults will enjoy (#10 is my favorite!).

Winter got you down? Here are some really fun snow day activities for kids that even adults will enjoy (#10 is my favorite!).

Winter got you down? Here are some really fun snow day activities for kids that even adults will enjoy (#10 is my favorite!).

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