12 Stunning Gender Neutral Baby Nursery Design Ideas

One of the things I enjoy most about preparing for a new baby is getting the nursery ready.

In my house, we had a boy first and then a girl, so I was able to do a little of each.

However, if you are “team green” and plan on being surprised by your baby’s gender when he or she is born, then you may find yourself scratching your head in the nursery department. Or, perhaps you’d just prefer to not do a traditional boy or girl’s room style.

How can you make your nursery stunning, adorable AND gender neutral?

Keep reading for our list of 12 absolutely stunning, gender neutral baby nursery design ideas!

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12 Stunning Gender Neutral Baby Nursery Design Ideas

As you get ready to design your baby’s nursery, especially if you’re looking for gender neutral design ideas, you’ll find the below images to be a great inspiration.

1) Cool and Calm Nursery

Source: Project Nursery

I really like the soft, soothing nature of this nursery design. The colors are playful, appropriate, and most importantly, gender neutral.

I also like that this is a color palette that will easily grow with the baby!

2) The Classy Gray Nursery

Source: Wayfair

This gender neutral nursery is all class and fashion. First off, I will say I LOVE a good grey room.

But I especially love how this room is using varying colors of gray/silver and combining patterns to keep things visually interesting!

Items pictured:

3) Bird-Inspired Nursery

Source: Design Dazzle

If you prefer a pop of color in your nursery, this is a perfect example of a gender neutral look that isn’t pastel or monotone.

I love the orange in this nursery and the contrast between the birds and the trees is stunning! (You can shop for bird wall decals here.)

4) The Classic Nursery

Source: Patterns Colors Design

This nursery idea is super simple in color palette, with very neutral colors. Despite this, it looks so nice and cozy! The subtle animal prints also add a nice accent to the room.

5) Gray Zoo Themed Nursery

Source: Project Nursery

I am in love with the zoo theme happening in this room. I think it could use a few more animals but that giraffe is a show stopper!

The grey on the wall is so relaxing and this theme is a great way to keep things classic and gender neutral!

Items pictured:

6) The Shiplap Nursery

Source: Rock & Rollick

I really like the edgy look of this nursery! It is gender neutral with a side of rock and roll.

Joanna Gaines would be pleased with the use of shiplap in this showstopper!

Items pictured:

7) The Geometric Nursery

Source: Pure Wow

This bold geometric wallpaper really stuns in this gender neutral nursery idea.

It is very trendy and could easily pair several other colors and patterns as you can see from the picture.

8) The Woodland Nursery

Source: Mom Loves Best

I LOVE the rustic look of this nursery. It’s pretty stripped down in the example picture but could easily be customized to make a really whimsical and pretty (gender neutral) woodland nursery. I’m in love!

Items pictured:

9) The Outdoor-themed Nursery

Source: Grey House Studio

I am a sucker for an outdoor themed nursery (I’ll give you one guess as to what my kids’ nurseries were themed!) but I especially LOVE this nursery for the breathtaking mural on the wall. This is actually a chalkboard wall with a custom mural (all done in chalkboard paint).

Who says gender neutral has to be plain? This artwork is gorgeous and still keeps a gender-neutral theme going.

Items pictured:

10) The Simple, Peaceful Nursery

Source: Chickadee Art & Co.

This nursery is so peaceful and cozy looking, I think I want to stop by there and take a nap.  I love that this is so simple and so elegant!

11) The Trendy White Nursery

Source: Design Sponge

This gender neutral nursery design makes my list because of the designed ceiling! Such a clever way to add an extra something to a simple room.

The room has a careful attention to detail with several high end finishes.  Probably not a “budget” nursery design, but a cool looking one nonetheless.

Items pictured:

12) The Modern Black & White Nursery

Source: Style me Pretty

If modern is more your style, this black and white nursery is a great way to keep your design gender neutral and show-stopping at the same time.

That’s all for now!

That’s it for my list of 12 stunning gender neutral baby nursery design ideas! Hopefully you found something on this list that inspired you for your little’s one’s nursery.

Enjoy getting ready for your baby and designing their space – as I said before, this is definitely one of the most fun parts before the baby arrives.

What are some other stunning gender neutral baby nursery designs you’ve seen? (or perhaps your own?) Feel free to link to them in the comments!

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