Summer Craft for Kids: The DIY Frisbee (more fun than you’d expect)


It’s not summer yet (at the time of this writing), but I’ve already started trying to plan out crafts, outdoor activities, and all that fun stuff for my daughter.

(Yes, I’m dying after spending the better part of the winter watching Frozen and Encanto on an endless loop.)

I’m actually not much of a crafts person – it’s not that I don’t like crafts…I just suck at making them.  So I tend to seek out ones that are both easy and don’t take hours to do.

One of my all-time favorite simple outdoor activities as kid was throwing around a frisbee outside. I can’t say I was ever great at it, but it was a lot of fun. So I thought…what if we try making a frisbee (as an indoor craft) so that when summer hits, we can use it as an outdoor activity?

Semi-wishful thinking here…because you know the moment you create a frisbee, you’re going to be forced to throw it around, even if you’re indoors.  It was a risk I was willing to take.

So, let’s get to it – here’s the DIY frisbee you can easily make at home with some things you probably have laying around already.

How to Make a DIY Frisbee


Get ready to entertain the kids all summer long with this simple and engaging craft activity! Let them unleash their creativity by personalizing their very own frisbees with unique artwork and fun designs. It’s not only a fantastic way to keep them busy but also an ideal group activity for camps or classrooms.

While the project is straightforward for kids, younger ones might need a bit of assistance from an adult.

Here’s what you’ll need:

DIY frisbee supplies

  • A stack of paper plates
  • Tape
  • Scissors
  • Crayons or markers
  • Stickers (optional)

DIY Frisbee Instructions:

  1. Place two paper plates with their right sides facing up, resembling plates ready for food. Cover them entirely with clear tape, ensuring the excess tape overlaps but isn’t folded over. Use scissors to trim off the excess tape around the edges of the plates.
  2. Flip the plates over and let the kids unleash their creativity by decorating them with markers, crayons, or stickers.
  3. Once decorated, align the plates together with their decorated sides facing outward. Hold them in place and cut out a circle from the center of each plate.
  4. Lay both plates on the work surface, decorated side up. Cover the decorated side with clear shipping tape, overlapping the center circle. Fold the tape’s edges through the center circle and trim the excess tape around the plates’ outer edges.

playing with diy frisbee

Now what?

Once the crafting is complete, it’s time for some fun activities! Here are some things you can do with a frisbee (some of these may not be ideal depending on how young your kids are): 

  • Frisbee Golf: Set up a course using various objects as targets (like trees, trash cans, or cones) and try to navigate through the course using the frisbee with as few throws as possible.
  • Freestyle Frisbee: Try out some freestyle frisbee tricks like spinning the frisbee on your finger, passing it behind your back, or throwing and catching it in creative ways.
  • Frisbee Tic-Tac-Toe: Set up a large tic-tac-toe grid on the ground and use the frisbee as the playing piece. Take turns throwing the frisbee to try and get three in a row.
  • Distance Throwing: See how far you can throw the frisbee and challenge your friends to beat your distance. You can mark a starting point and measure the distance of each throw.
  • Frisbee Bowling: Set up empty bottles or cans in a triangular formation like bowling pins and try to knock them down by throwing the frisbee at them from a distance.
  • Frisbee Catch: Play a simple game of catch. See how many times you can throw and catch the frisbee without dropping it.

We hope you enjoy this easy craft and have some fun with it once the weather is nicer outside!  (And if it’s still Spring when you’re reading this, check out our post on some super fun Spring activities for kids.)

DIY Frisbee Summer Craft for Kids

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