8 Kids Homeschool Desk Ideas to Make Remote Learning More Effective

With many of us stuck either homeschooling our kids or putting them in an at-home, remote/virtual learning environment, the home learning space has never been more important.

Today we’re going to tackle kids homeschool desk ideas; after all, this is where the learning happens.  (If you’re looking for an overall room setup, check out the post we did on homeschool room design ideas.)

This post is going to be about everything from ideas about the actual desk to use, to the types of things you can get for your desk to keep it better organized.

Remote learning may never be quite as good as live and face-to-face with a teacher, but we’re doing the best we can!

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8 Kids Homeschool Desk Ideas to Make Remote Learning More Effective

#1 The Traditional Open Front Student Desk

What better way to have your little one feel like they are back in school than by using a desk similar to the ones they use in school?

This desk is just like the ones that many elementary school kids use, with the open front to hold supplies.

It’s small and compact, so it’ll fit wherever you plan to have your child do his or her virtual learning.  The leg height can also be adjusted to better fit the size of your child.

Click here to see this desk on Amazon.

#2 The Simple, Modern Computer Desk

If your kid is a little bit older and is strictly learning virtually, the only reason you need a desk is for the computer.

This computer desk fits a computer nicely, but doesn’t take up much space.  If you’re going for that modern, minimalist design, this is a great desk that won’t break the bank.

This is also one of the more durable options – it’s a heavy duty desk with a waterproof, scratch-resistant top. 

Click here to see this desk on Amazon.

#3 The Space-Saver Fold Down Desk

Are you short on space and don’t know where you would put a desk?

What about…putting one on the wall?  This is a really interesting desk that folds down from the wall and has enough space for a laptop or tablet, in addition to space for writing, and little shelves for some supply storage.

Really cool idea if you’re low on space!

Click here to see this desk on Amazon.

#4 Personalized Craft Caddy

Having an effective homeschool desk is about more than just the desk itself.  Sometimes you need to add a nice personalized touch to really make the desk your kid’s own.  

This is a cool little craft caddy that can be personalized with your child’s name.  I think this is a great option if you’re using a desk that doesn’t have shelves or drawers as it gives you a place to put pencils, markers, and other craft supplies.

Click here to see this on Etsy.

#5 Kids’ Farmhouse Desk

This desk doesn’t take up much space, and if you already have a farmhouse-style theme going in your home, this will fit right in.

This desk also offers a removable shelf, so when you don’t need it as a desk, you can add the shelf and use it as a console table.  

One cool thing we noticed – the height of the desk can be customized (when you order), depending on the size of your child!

Click here to see this on Etsy.

#6 The Stylish L-Shaped Desk

If you need more room (so you have a computer and another workspace for writing, etc.), this L-shaped desk is perfect.  It has a nice black oak color top, and is very open for a more modern design

There are also shelves for supplies/books! 

Click here to see this desk on Amazon.

#7 Rolling Utility Cart

This is a great addition to any desk (especially if it’s a smaller desk) to help organize extra supplies.  When you’re not using it, you can easily roll it away to a closet or other room.

Click here to see this desk on Amazon.

#8 Desk with Shelves

This is a nice piece of furniture that could fit well in a living room / family room setting, which could be helpful if your child is younger and you plan on helping him or her with virtual learning throughout the day.

The shelves are practical for books, but could also be used for decor (and hold things like little plants or picture frames).

Click here to see this desk on Amazon.

That’s it for our kids homeschool desk ideas!

Hopefully you found these kids homeschool desk ideas helpful as your little one navigates this time where many of us are learning remotely. 

Even when we’re back in school (physically), having a nice desk is still helpful for homework, crafts, etc.  Personally I feel like having that separate, dedicated space for work makes a huge difference in mindset (vs. working at the kitchen table, for example).  

What have you found to be effective for having your child learn remotely? Leave a comment below!

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