10 Innovative and DIY Ways to Make Your House Smell Good Naturally

Anyone who has children knows that, when you have kids, you sacrifice certain things. We sacrifice time, sleep, energy and everything else for the little people we bring into the world. It’s both exhausting and rewarding.

Unfortunately, some things that get sacrificed really shouldn’t be. For example…those first few weeks when you couldn’t remember when you last showered?


A good sacrifice? Maybe… it depends on who you asked at the time.

Another sacrifice I didn’t even realize I was making at the time: the smell of my home. I remember, before children, opening the door after work and being welcomed with the faint smell of the candles I had burning the night before.

After my children, there was a light scent of neglect and dirty diapers (far worse than the smell of not showering). So, in the spirit of renewing the smell of our homes I have researched and compiled a list of 10 really innovate ways to make your house smell good naturally – and they’re all things you can do yourself.

#1 Coffee and Vanilla Candle Hack

I open with an idea from Gotta Love DIY that I have personally used. This budget friendly hack I can tell you from experience…IS AMAZING!

Granted, candles can be hazardous with toddlers running around so this may be one you save for adult time in the evening. Or, just simply keep it out of reach. But it is cheap, aesthetically pleasing and smells awesome, so it’s worth it!

All you need are: coffee beans, candle holders, and vanilla candles (or tealights)

Source: Gotta Love DIY

#2 DIY Plug in Refill

If candles aren’t your style and you don’t want to spend a fortune refilling those wall plug-ins, my friends at DIY & Crafts have you covered. They show step by step instructions on how to hack the wall plug in and make your own refill!

Basically, remove the wick from the plug-in refill unit and add water with your own essential oil blend….ta da! Magic smelling home for a bargain!

Source: DIY & Crafts

#3 Wax Melts

This is one tip I have used since my son started walking. I love the smell of candles but:

1) I can burn an entire candle in a night or two which gets expensive, and

2) I don’t like open flames near my crazy guy if he is up and around.

So Jillee at One Good Thing is right on the money with our next suggestion: Wax Melts!

Now I know you’ve seen those expensive holders and equally expensive wax cubes, but have no fear! I’m here to tell you that your bargain store warmer and $2 wax cubes still smell equally amazing. Plus, it saves money because you don’t have to replace the wax cubes that often. I have been using mine for several weeks and it always smells just as great.

Even better, you can make your own wax melts with natural ingredients (see the link below).

Source: One Good Thing

#4 Refrigerator Odor…Be Gone!

After seeing this suggestion on Homedit, I am running out right now for some oranges!

You can use an orange rind to leave your refrigerator smelling wonderfully citrus. All you need to do is cut your orange in half and pull out the delicious treat inside and take a few minutes to enjoy your orange.

When you are done, place the rind half in a small container with regular salt in the rind. The salt absorbs odors and encourages the rind to omit that beautiful citrus scent we all love.

Source: Homedit

#5 DIY Carpet Freshener

I found this recipe at Dengarden and I am excited to give it a try! This recipe is for your own carpet freshener using basic household cleaning products like Borax, Oxiclean, Cornstarch, and Baking Soda.

Using their recipe, you can make a HUGE container of carpet freshener to bring out whenever your carpets and the smell of your home need a little pick me up!

Source: Dengarden

#6 Cookies Anyone?

Nothing beats the smell of fresh-baked cookies! Sometimes the best pick me up for your mood and for the smell of your home is baking.

If you’re short on time, don’t feel pressured to make the cookies from scratch – the pre-made cookie dough smells just as great and is done in half the time…and mess! #momhack  (Of course, if you’re on a budget, then by all means make the cookies from scratch – they’ll taste much better that way.)

Source: She Knows

#7 Homemade Potpourri

This smell good hack from Free People is guaranteed to put a smile on your face! Not only do you get a great smelling home, but you also get a great excuse to buy yourself amazing flowers!

This suggestion calls for a small bouquet of flowers and essential oils. You can admire the beautiful flowers, dry them and then use the petals and essential oils in a decorative bowl to scent your home wonderfully.

Source: Free People

#8 DIY Room Freshener

If you want a great way to freshen your room without unknown chemicals or the price tag that Febreze pulls, this suggestion from One Green Planet will definitely make you happy.

All you need is a spray bottle, lime juice, baking soda and water! I’m sure you could do this with lemon juice as well if you prefer lemon to lime scents.

Source: One Green Planet

#9 Simmering Potpourri

This is the time of year that always has me craving the scent of pie. Apple Pie, Pumpkin spice…those scents are always so inviting to me and I don’t always have the time to bake.

The simmering potpourri recipes are a great way to get all the scent without all the work. This Girls Life Blog had several simmer recipe suggestions. Many involving just a few ingredients such as apple juice, apple slices, clove and cinnamon sticks.

Simmer these recipes and you’ll be in heaven!

Source: This Girls Life Blog

#10 Dryer Sheets and Dual Uses

Our last suggestion comes from the Bright Nest and it’s one I have used not only to make my house smell great, but also to cut down on dust in my home.

Placing dryer sheets behind your vents is a great way to cut down on dust, fragrance your rooms like fresh laundry and do so on a dime!

Source: Bright Nest

That’s a wrap!

I hope you enjoyed our list of innovative (and DIY!) ways to make your house smell good naturally. I enjoy using some of these hacks already and am looking forward to trying a few new ones myself.

Having a great smelling home is a great way to brighten your day…and keep the dirty diapers from completely overtaking things!

Do you have any good tips for keeping your home smelling great? Leave a comment below! 🙂

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