12 Modern Woodland Themed Nursery Ideas for a Baby

Outdoor and woodland themed nurseries have become very popular in recent years.

I’m guilty of jumping on this band wagon! I LOVE how versatile the outdoor themes are. The best part of doing a woodland themed nursery is that it grows with your child. No need to repaint or redo all the decorations in 2 years – you can keep the theme going well into childhood.

On that note, we did some digging and found 12 modern woodland themed nursery ideas for your baby.  They’re all pretty cool and unique…enjoy!

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12 Modern Woodland Themed Nursery Ideas for a Baby

1) The Modern Rustic Nursery

Source: Project Nursery

I LOVE everything about this nursery. The reclaimed wood wall, the silhouette mural (also something I did in our nursery), the ambiance.

I’m tempted to re-do MY bedroom and make it look this way.

2) The Cool Mountain Landscape Nursery

Source: Gray House Studio

I am all about this mural! This is gorgeous and technical, so you’ll definitely have to tap into the creative side or hire this one out.

The good news is, the end result is a true work of art.

Also, that crib is amazing, convertible AND affordable. (You can find it here: Babyletto Hudson Crib.)

3) The Rocky Mountain Themed Nursery

Source: Project Nursery

Yes, another mountain-themed nursery. I love the color scheme of this one.

This nursery is a definitely a modern twist on the woodland nursery theme. The woodland pieces are subtle and beautiful, as well as gender neutral for those that are remaining “team green”!

4) The Whimsical Flowery Nursery

Source: Domino

If you are worried that the woodland theme nursery for your baby isn’t “girly” enough, consider something like this.

You still add plenty of outdoor theme with all the girly magic that flowers bring to this whimsical room.

By the way, you can find that adorable pink foot pouf here!

5) The Grey and Tangerine Modern Nursery

Source: Project Nursery

Birch tree murals are some of my favorite features in woodland themed nurseries. The bird accent is a nice touch!

This is a really elegant gray design, with a touch of orange just to give you that nice accent color. It’s a modern look, with a twist of vintage.

6) The Love for Wood Nursery

Source: Pinterest / Target

This is a pretty simple design, but the key element is definitely the wood-paneled accent wall.

How adorable is this bear rocking chair? I am in love with the simplicity of this room and that shiplap wall. Joanna Gaines would approve!

7) The Camping in the Woods Nursery

Source: Pinterest

If you’re into camping, you might like this style.  The color is very neutral, and this adorable design puts a modern twist on the camping scene.

The trees are perfectly placed and I just want to curl up in the teepee tent (you can buy that here) and read books all day.

8) The Classy Rustic Nursery

Source: Lynzy&Co

That wood/shiplap wall is amazing! Totally makes the room.

This woodland themed nursery is the perfect example of one where you don’t have to go crazy to get classy and outdoors-y at the same time.

9) The Simple, Small Space Woodland Theme

Source: Apartment Therapy

Small space? No problem! The trees in this nursery are perfectly done.

Small enough to not be too intrusive in the space but big enough to definitely make a “woodland” statement.  All it takes are a few little props and you’re all set.

10) Modern & Chic Woodland Themed Nursery

Source: Project Nursery

The pops of orange in this room are just too cute and it still stays gender neutral! I love the modern and simple design of this room.

Be careful though with that busy wall paper – it’s best served in a larger room and in small doses!

11) Rustic Meets Modern Monochrome Nursery

Source: Project Nursery

I had to include this nursery in our list for best modern woodland themed nursery ideas because that wall is just so unique!

If you are worried about a solid wood wall, this unique design breaks it up and keeps the room feeling light and airy.

12) Woodland with a Touch of Yellow Nursery

Source: Young House Love

This tree mural is very similar to the design that we went for in my son and daughter’s shared nursery. I love the grey on white! The pops of yellow really make this room a lot of fun.

This one gives you that woodland feel without feeling overly “rustic.”

That’s all!

That’s it for our 12 modern woodland themed nursery ideas for your baby! I honestly can’t pick a favorite as each design idea is so cute and unique.

Which one do you like best? Have you done a similar type of woodland themed nursery for your baby? Leave a comment below!

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