The BEST Nugget Couch Accessories: What to Buy for Your Nugget

Nugget Couch Accessories: Here are our picks for the best Nugget accessories that will really enhance playtime with the Nugget! Check it out.

Whether you’ve been able to grab an actual Nugget or one of the Nugget alternatives, you’re probably wondering what the best Nugget couch accessories are.  You know, the things that can really take Nugget play to the next level.

Aside from buying more pillows, Nugget (the company) themselves don’t actually sell any accessories.  And let’s be honest: if they did, they would probably be sold out right now given how hot this play couch is.  

We did some digging around though – looking through Pinterest, Instagram, etc. to see what other people are using to maximize playtime with the Nugget, and compiled it all in a nice little list.  There’s a lot of great stuff out there.

Let’s get to it! 

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The Best Nugget Couch Accessories

Here are all the accessories we found – these are in no particular order, but they are all worth at least checking out.  You can decide what your little one would like best! (Hint: you’re probably going to want more than one of these, they’re all great.)

Nugget Couch Accessories #1: The Wobble Balance Board

If you’ve looked around at pictures of the Nugget on social media, chances are you’ve seen someone using a wobble board with their Nugget.  This little piece of wood works great for imaginative play, so it’s not surprising that it pairs so well with the Nugget.

Here are a few imaginative ways to use a wobble board: as a swing, a bridge, a stepping stone, a racetrack, a tunnel…and probably a dozen other things you can think of.

This is definitely our top pick as one of the best Nugget accessories given all the different ways you can use it creatively.

Click here to read more about the wobble board we recommend.

#2 The WaytoPlay Flexible Toy Road

Once again, here’s another common Nugget accessory you may have seen: the flexible toy road.  Similar to the Nugget, this is another toy that has a lot of different configurations that once again are great for imaginative play.

With this, your child can turn your Nugget into a city, with roads that go in any direction.  Add in some toy cars, and you’re good to go (with probably hours and hours of fun play). 

This flexible road comes in a few different sizes: the Expressway (16 pieces), the Highway (24 pieces), and the King of the Road (40 pieces).  We’d recommend starting with the Highway if you have one Nugget (you can always expand later if it’s not enough).

Click here to read more about the WaytoPlay flexible toy road.

#3 Pretend Campfire for Kids

This is a really fun Nugget accessory that goes really well with any sort of fort or tent Nugget configuration.  Let your child make believe that he or she is camping outdoors by a warm fire, roasting marshmallows and making delicious s’mores.

And if they’re lucky, maybe you’ll let them have actual s’mores…just don’t eat it anywhere near the Nugget. ๐Ÿ™‚

This 17-piece set is made of high quality, soft material that is perfectly safe for toddlers.

Click here to read more about the imaginary play campfire.

#4 Wooden Climbing Triangle Ladder

This is one of the more popular Nugget couch accessories that can be played with by itself or as an integral part of your Nugget configuration.

Your child can climb the ladder as is (and maybe use the Nugget as a safety mat underneath) or it can be use as an integral part of a Nugget fort, using the wooden frame to drape the Nugget cushion over it.

Not only is this just plain fun, but it’s great for working on motor skills, balance, and courage.  Not to mention, it’s nice to have in the winter when your little one may not be able to play outside and climb all over a playground.

Click here for more info. on the wooden climbing ladder.

#5 The Teepee Tent

This really goes beyond being a Nugget couch accessory and is more of a Nugget extension.  With the Nugget, you can build some really cool forts and other structures, but sometimes you just need a little something extra to go with it (especially if you have multiple kids).

This tent is great for imaginative play or just for a quiet spot to read a book.  In addition to the tent itself, it comes with a padded mat.

Click here to read more about the Teepee Tent.

#6 Sarah’s Silks – Giant Playsilk

This is an awesome way to complete your Nugget fort.  This giant 9 feet by 3 feet playsilk is lightweight and can be used in lots of different ways.  It’s perfect for play-based learning, sensory play, and development of gross and fine motor skills.

There are also several different colors/patterns to choose from: starry night (above), sea, rainbow, fire, and blossom. 

Click here to read more about Sarah’s playsilk and see the different patterns.

#7 Yay Mats Extra Large Play Mat

This is the perfect mat to go underneath all of your Nugget creations.  It’s a soft, thick, foam mat that has removeable pieces so you can reconfigure it or expand it as needed.

Also, this particular one is pretty stylish – a neutral color with rainbows!  If your little one loves building forts with the Nugget, this is a great floor for it.

The default mat is 6 feet by 4 feet (six 2×2 squares), which makes it larger than most other puzzle mats.  And if you have a baby who is not quite ready to jump around on the Nugget, this mat is great for tummy time.

Click here to read more about Yay Mats.

#8 More Nugget Covers!

Have you see our post yet about custom Nugget covers?  There are a lot of great Nugget covers out there that aren’t the standard covers made by Nugget themselves.

These can be some really cool designs that really liven up your Nugget and make it more unique.  If you’re looking for a fresh new look, especially one that isn’t a solid color, check out our post!

#9 Elmrose Kids “Play” and “Build” Pillows

These are awesome pillows to go with your nugget.  Yes, the pillows themselves are nice, but it’s the cover that’s really cool. 

On the front side of the pillows, they say “play” or “build”, but it’s the reverse side that’s really awesome – there are images of different Nugget builds!

The pillows are also sized to complement the Nugget (or any play couch). The 12 x 18 design sits nicely against the Nugget triangle pillows.

Click here to read more about the Elmrose Kids play couch pillows.

Those are some great Nugget couch accessories!

Thanks for reading through our list of Nugget accessories – hopefully you found at least one thing that fits your play area.  The Nugget by itself is such an amazing, imaginative play toy, but when you add one or more of these accessories, it really maximizes the experience.

While these are all awesome products, there’s probably so much more that we are missing.

What are your favorite Nugget accessories? Leave a comment below! ๐Ÿ™‚

Nugget Couch Accessories: Here are our picks for the best Nugget accessories that will really enhance playtime with the Nugget! Check it out.

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