Best Baby Climbing Toys 2018: Which Ones Will Help My Baby Develop?

As a parent, especially a first time parent, tracking your baby’s developmental milestones can be stressful and frustrating when your baby appears to be behind.

We went through a bit of this with our daughter.

At 9 months, our daycare performed the ASQ-3 test to test motor skill, communication, and other milestones. Sure enough, she was behind in most areas.

As suggested, we brought the test results to our pediatrician to get a professional’s perspective, and they suggested a physical therapy evaluation.

The most concerning area was that she wasn’t yet starting to crawl or pull herself up. However, at the physical therapist’s evaluation, we were told that we shouldn’t really be concerned yet; we simply had to keep working at it.

Lots of tummy time.

But we also wanted to work on climbing/pulling, so we evaluated what some of the best baby climbing toys are for this year. In this post, we’ll go through the ones we considered and tell you all about them.

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Best Crib Mobile in 2018 (How to Keep Your Baby Entertained)

Is a baby crib mobile really a necessity for your baby's nursery? We think is it... and we've reviewed several and put together a post of what we think are the best crib mobile options for your baby nursery. Check it out...

Crib mobiles are an adorable nursery accessory, but are they necessary? In this moms’ opinion, the answer is a resounding, YES!

But with so many to choose from, how do you know which is the best crib mobile for your baby?!?

I love my crib mobile for my littles. My son had an adorable woodland themed mobile and he used to love sitting under it in his crib. He graduated to a crib soother when he was old enough to crab the mobile and pull on it. Now my little girl uses one and does the same!

I love that crib mobiles can be used to entertain and soothe. In my experience, it made acclimating baby to the big crib, from the bassinet, much easier.

I use a crib mobile to entertain my little ones while I organize their clothes, fold laundry, or take a shower. It’s great for creating a calming atmosphere – perfect for sleeping.

Keep reading for our recommendations for the best crib mobile for your baby!

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12 Modern Woodland Themed Nursery Ideas for a Baby

Outdoor and woodland themed nurseries have become very popular in recent years.

I’m guilty of jumping on this band wagon! I LOVE how versatile the outdoor themes are. The best part of doing a woodland themed nursery is that it grows with your child. No need to repaint or redo all the decorations in 2 years – you can keep the theme going well into childhood.

On that note, we did some digging and found 12 modern woodland themed nursery ideas for your baby.  They’re all pretty cool and unique…enjoy!

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Best Nursing Chair/Glider to Perfect Your Baby’s Nursery

Finding the best nursing chair or best nursery glider for your baby's nursery can be a difficult task. We've narrowed down the choices and highlighted our top four - perfect for any budget.

As a seasoned mom, I am about to share with you the single, most important nursery purchase you should consider.

The nursery chair.

When you shop, shop carefully, because this purchase is for you, Mom (and Dad, too!). You want the best nursing chair you can get!

I have spent many, many MANY hours in my nursery chair, so I know what I am talking about. From sleepless newborn nights to story time with my toddler, my nursery chair has many miles. For me, when shopping for a nursing chair, I want something that is supportive, reclines, and glides smoothly and quietly. The chair is more for us as parents than the baby, but it has to be great for both!

Another concern I had while shopping is the height of the chair.

Now, this seems like a silly thing to worry about, however, after many sleepless hours, all you want to do is lay your head back and rest your eyes a little. It’s no issue for me in most chairs, being that I’m only 5’4”. However, my husband is 6’4” and it’s not always so easy for him. We needed a chair with a high back, plenty of toosh room, and budget friendly.

Let my hours of searching for the best nursing glider save you some time and take a look at our list. If you want to score the best nursing chair for your nursery, back, and budget, keep on reading!

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How to Teach Baby to Crawl: 6 Activities You Should Try

Are you worried your baby isn't learning to crawl quickly enough? Here are 6 activities you should try to teach baby to crawl!

Are your arms tired? Been there. During the first few months of your baby’s life, it seems like all you do is feed your baby, change your baby, and carry your baby. Each month, your baby seems to be moving on to bigger and better milestones, which may leave you feeling a little anxious about the next big one that will give your arms a break – crawling. These six activities will help you teach baby to crawl when she is ready!

It is super exciting when your baby begins crawling. The move from rolling from place to place to crawling means your baby is better able to get from Point A to Point B with clear intentions. In the midst of all the fun and excitement, it also means it is time to start baby proofing and preparing to chase rather than carry your little one everyone. What joy!

But, all the baby proofing and chasing you will do is going to be worth it. Crawling will give your baby more confidence and independence. Plus, crawling is important for developing gross motor skills.

For those of you who are worried that your baby is taking to long to crawl, you’ve come to the right place. I’m here to fill you in on all you need to know about how to teach baby to crawl, as well as why crawling is an important milestone.

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12 Super Fun and Engaging Spring Activities for Preschool Kids

Spring time is a great time to get outside and enjoy the beautiful weather with your kids. These 12 super fun and engaging spring activities for preschool kids will help you teach your kids about spring while they're busy having fun!

Spring has arrived! That means more time outdoors enjoying the warmer weather on sunny days, and more time trying to keep your preschoolers occupied indoors when spring storms hit. Fortunately, there are plenty of spring activities for preschool kids that are fun and totally engaging!

Even better, there are tons of spring activities for preschoolers that require little to no planning and minimal supplies. In fact, many of the supplies you can find in your pantry or outdoors in nature.

Plus, most spring activities can be completed outdoors so you can embrace the beauty of the season (and keep your home clean).

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The Perfect Toddler and Newborn Schedule: Tips for Managing Both

Juggling the transition from one child to two children can be a difficult task. These tips from a mom in the trenches will help you create the perfect toddler and newborn schedule and help you survive the newborn days!

If you are finding yourself expecting your second child, or (congrats!) you’ve already given birth. You may have found this article because you are in desperate need of some sanity! Fear not friend. As a mom to a rambunctious 2-year-old and a newborn baby, I am here to offer you some understanding, insight, and pro tips for creating the perfect toddler and newborn schedule.

The first few days are going to feel crazy, let me warn you now. Not only are you trying to heal and recover from childbirth, whether natural (like my first) or C-section (like my second), but you are now going to be feeling a little overwhelmed having as many kids as you have hands.

The toddler will be loud, and the baby will be sleepy. You are going to be tired and might contemplate pulling out your hair. HOWEVER, if you use some of these tips for creating the perfect toddler and newborn schedule, those newborn days are going to be a lot easier!

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Best Travel Crib for 2 Year Old Toddlers (a toddler travel crib that allows you to enjoy your vacation)

If you have ever taken a vacation or traveled with a toddler, you know that more often than not, the vacation is for anyone but the parent!

One of the primary concerns you’ll find is the sleeping arrangements. Most 2 year-olds aren’t quite old enough to understand invisible boundaries and sleep in a regular bed all night. However, they are old enough to climb out of most travel cribs making for an interesting night and one LONG vacation.

What now?

We did a bit of research and came up with the best travel crib for 2 year old toddlers. With the sleeping arrangements managed via a nice toddler travel crib, you can stop fighting your toddler about sleeping and get back to rest and relaxation.

Here’s what we found.

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Best Place to Do Baby Registry Setup in 2018 (Online and In-Store)

Pregnancy is a time filled with joy, but for some parents-to-be, it is also a time of panic. While you are anxiously awaiting the arrival of your precious little one, weird things are happening to your body, and the stress of preparing your home can feel overwhelming.

However, even amid chaos and nausea, there is something to look forward to (other than your baby, of course) – creating your baby registry! The best place to do baby registry setup? Let’s find out!

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