Top 10 MUST Have Items on the Third Trimester To Do List (are they on yours?)

Congratulations! You have officially made it to the last leg of your pregnancy, and are now getting through the third trimester. By now, your baby bump is in full swing, you may (or may not if you choose) know what your new child’s gender is, and you are anxiously ticking away the days until their arrival!

When you first find out you are pregnant, nine months seems like it’s FOREVER away.

However, now that you are in the last part of your pregnancy you may be feeling the pressure to prepare for baby. As a seasoned mom, I’ve put together a list to help.

Here is my list of the top 10 things that should be on your third trimester to do list!

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How to Pick a Baby Name in 2018 (And Not Screw It Up)

Figuring out how to pick a baby name is highly subjective process.  You might like one name…that your spouse absolutely hates.

In fact, it’s very likely that this is the case.

You go through the baby name lists online, each of you striking names from the list that you don’t like.

Your wife loves “Emma,” but Emma was the name of your 5th grade teacher who you despised.

You like “Carrie,” but your wife fears the name will inspire a telekinetic power used for evil massacres (+1 if you get the movie reference).

So how do you actually pick a baby name that you both can agree on?

Or what if you find yourself at the point where you can’t seem to agree on any name?

Let’s figure this one out…

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Best Diaper Bags Under $50: Saving Money while Staying Stylish

Whether you are expecting your first child, or you’ve been through this “rodeo” before, the diaper bag is usually one of the first things you’ll pick out in preparation for the baby.

Having the right diaper bag can often be the difference between a nice day out and having a mini meltdown in Target when you can’t find the pacifier or get to that extra change of clothes without dumping out the whole bag!

As a mom, I’ve been through a few diaper bags in my hunt for one that didn’t make me bonkers.

It seems I was always sacrificing style for practicality or the other way around. (Is it too hard to ask for the best of both worlds!?). When shopping for a new diaper bag, most of us will first think of the practicality and ability to keep things organized. But many of us will also care about how it looks.

Can it easily be used by mom and dad? Does it LOOK like a diaper bag? Is it appropriate for your child’s gender? (or does that even matter?)

With all those questions in mind, we have put together a list of the best diaper bags under $50, so you can look stylish without spending a lot of money!

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Best Baby Movement Monitor 2018 (Literally a Lifesaver for Your Baby)

Before you ever have kids, there are a lot of products you never knew existed.  For me, one of those was a baby movement monitor.

You mean like a baby monitor where you watch your child when he or she is sleeping? 

No, this is completely unrelated to that.

Can’t I just see when my baby is moving? Why do I need a special monitor for that?

This was basically my inner-monologue before I had any clue what a baby movement monitor was.  As it turns out, a baby movement monitor is not only a useful little gadget, but it can actually save your baby’s life and drastically reduce the risk of SIDS.

A baby movement monitor is exactly what it sounds like: it’s a little electronic device that clips to your baby’s diaper and senses movement.  If your baby were to stop breathing for any reason, the monitor would stop detecting movement and alarm would sound after a set period of time (usually 15-20 seconds).

Okay, we’re all caught up now.  Let’s take a look at what I found to be the best baby movement monitor.

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Best Baby Gift for Second Baby: 21+ Ideas for What to Get Mom

When your friend or family member (or wife!) had their first baby, finding a gift was easy.

Most new moms need just about everything – from bottle warmers to diaper bags. And they usually have a baby registry, which makes it about as easy as possible to find a gift.

However, when they’re expecting baby #2…it can be hard to find the right gift.  Do you get something for mom? Something for the baby?

As a soon-to-be mom of two, I have put together a comprehensive list if you are shopping for that best baby gift for second baby (or for mom).

Keep reading to see our list of the best gifts…the second time around!

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12 Incredibly Fun Construction Activities for Preschoolers

Now that we are in the middle of winter and snow days where I live, I am always looking for something to do with my little guy to keep him entertained. One can only take so many cartoons!

One thing we’ve really been into lately are construction activities – you know, trucks, construction, building things, etc.

If you are looking for some exciting things to do with your preschool-aged child (even if you live somewhere warm), look no further. This is our list of the 12 coolest, most incredibly fun, and mom/dad friendly, construction activities for preschoolers!

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1 Year Old Nap Schedule: 5 Things You MUST Know

As a parent, I find that sleep is imperative to the proper functioning of both myself and everyone in my house.

If someone in the house doesn’t get enough sleep, we all pay for it.

My son is now 2, and to this day, I count down to nap time. Nap time is a time for me to get things done, for him to get much needed rest, and sometimes…just a great opportunity for some peace and quiet!

As a parent, there are often a lot of questions surrounding sleep, particularly naps.

Once your baby turns 1, you will have people giving you all sorts of opinions on nap times for your little one. So, what do you NEED to know about the nap transitions that happen at 1?

Keep reading, because we have put together the 5 things you MUST know about your 1 year old nap schedule.

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Best Baby Humidifier (to help your little one sleep better and stay healthy)

As winter begins to rear its ugly head, I find myself and my family struggling with sinus issues and the dry air in our home. One of the BEST things you can be doing for your family during the winter is to use a humidifier, especially if you have a baby.

Humidifiers help replace the water (humidity) in the air that is lost with all the heaters running and the cold air outside. It can help your family (especially little ones!) avoid irritating sinus problems like getting sick or having nosebleeds due to the excessive dryness.

But you may find yourself asking (as I was!), what should I be looking for in a baby humidifier?

Here’s what you need to know, including our pick for the best baby humidifier.

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How to Stop Toddler Whining: The ULTIMATE Guide to Your Sanity

One of the most challenging parts about raising a small, toddler-sized human has to be how to deal with the whining. Unfortunately, our kids are no longer babies, but they aren’t really old enough to fully communicate their feelings yet either.

As a result, you get whining….sometimes….lots of whining.

Admittedly, whining can be extremely taxing and hard to navigate as a parent. I don’t know about other parents, but whining tends to be the one thing I have little to no patience for. It’s like listening to nails on a chalkboard and I have a limited threshold for whining tolerance.

Since it is something we’ve struggled with in our home, I have done LOTS of research on how to stop toddler whining.

Fortunately for us, we’ve found a lot of great strategies and compiled a nice little guide.

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12 Super Creative Pregnancy Announcement Ideas (your friends & family will love these)

One of the most exciting things about getting that positive pregnancy test is figuring out how to share your joy and happiness with those that are closest to you.

I know with each of my children I really scoured the internet for cute ways to share the news. I will cherish the memories of announcing our pregnancies forever!

So, if you have some exciting news to share (or are hoping to soon!), here are 12 creative pregnancy announcement ideas just for you! Most of these work for any child, but we’ve also included a couple that are specifically for when you’re at least onto your 2nd child.

Enjoy! (and congratulations on the new family member)

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