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4 Things I Never Thought I’d Need Before I Had My First Baby

When you have your first child, everything changes. But before your little one is born, you’re out there, frantically stocking up on cute little clothes, buying decorations for the baby’s nursery, and building your baby registry. It’s kind of fun. As you go through it all though, you never really know what you’re going to need.  There’s SO much marketing out there for …

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First Time Dad Tips: 10 Things You Should Know

Becoming a dad for the first time is pretty scary. Every day you find yourself facing issues you’ve never dealt with before. And not only are you dealing with a new child, but likely a new mother as well (I think most mothers would agree that this adds a layer of complexity to the father’s experience). The good thing is, …

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The 5 Most Common Mistakes of New Parents

Parents, regardless of experience, are prone to making mistakes.  Raising a human being is not easy. Without too much exaggeration, every little thing you do as a parent can (but not necessarily will) shape your child in some way. It can be especially terrifying as a new parent.  You know, frantically Googling every little thing. What the hell did people do …

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