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Best Baby Movement Monitor 2018 (Literally a Lifesaver for Your Baby)

Before you ever have kids, there are a lot of products you never knew existed.  For me, one of those was a baby movement monitor. You mean like a baby monitor where you watch your child when he or she is sleeping?  No, this is completely unrelated to that. Can’t I just see when my baby is moving? Why do …

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1 Year Old Nap Schedule: 5 Things You MUST Know

As a parent, I find that sleep is imperative to the proper functioning of both myself and everyone in my house. If someone in the house doesn’t get enough sleep, we all pay for it. My son is now 2, and to this day, I count down to nap time. Nap time is a time for me to get things …

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Baby Naps Too Long: Is That Even Possible?

It doesn’t take long before new parents understand that naps are the key to a lot of issues. They help your baby sleep better at night and they give you breaks during the day (or allow you to nap too).  But what if a baby naps too long? Or, is it even possible that a baby naps too long?  It …

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